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XIM 4 Discussions / Anyone playing Battlefield V?
« on: 06:20 AM - 01/31/20 »
Just DL'd it a few days ago but havent found any settings i like. Currently use my old settings and curves (credit to RML) from Battlefield 1 but this game is so different to the old one.

Any suggestions for xim 4 and ingame settings?

General Discussion / Is XIM 4 still viable?
« on: 08:00 AM - 08/23/19 »
I just came back to Fortnite/OW/Apex etc, havent played much PS since last year.

How does the XIM 4 compare to the XIM Apex? Is it a 'must' to upgrade? I read some stuff about sync and SAB, what difference does it make compared to the XIM 4 that doesnt have these features?

On a sidenote, anyone can recommend configs for Overwatch at 12k dpi?

Anyone joining this with their XIM?

I just qualified for the World Cup warmup event but not sure they will detect input devices in such a tourney?

Game Support / Bunch of Black Ops 4 questions!
« on: 04:33 AM - 12/01/18 »
So I have never actually played COD before apart from a bit of MW 1 back in the day, always prefered Battlefield-series.
However, lots of my friends plays BO4 so i decided to get it and im just now starting to get the hang of gameplay with killstreaks, specialists etcetera.

I have a few questions regarding this game with the XIM 4 though (as I couldnt find suggested settings in the game library?);

Regarding controls and sensitivity: Is look sensitivity supposed to be set on "insane"? (14/14)? Or is it better to have a low sensitivity ingame and a high sens in xim mouse settings instead?

What about target assist? (I've understood the aim assist setting does not matter since its not in multiplayer anyway)

Also, what do people suggest for key bindings/control settings for this game with a mouse and keyboard? (Have the G502). What button and stick layout setting do you use ingame? Please post your keybinds!

And finally, why the heck is my sensitivity so slow when I skydive in Blackout? Can barely turn  :o

Appreciate all insight and tips!

Game Support / Overwatch players?
« on: 02:56 PM - 11/15/18 »
Havent played this game in like half a year, what am i supposed to do with Aim assist ease in?
I had my AA assist strength on 80 and window size on 10 last time i played but i feel lost now :D

Halp! What settings are you guys using

Game Support / Destiny 2 with a XIM?
« on: 05:45 AM - 08/30/18 »
Couldnt find a dedicated thread for this, but how does the XIM 4 work with Destiny 2?

Have never played it or Destiny 1 but seeing as its now free for PS plus members I thought I'd give it a go.

Game Support / Dead by daylight support?
« on: 01:29 PM - 08/08/18 »
Couldnt find one in the library, am I blind?

XIM APEX Discussions / Fortnite Builder Pro
« on: 12:30 PM - 06/04/18 »
Is there anyone out there who is using builder pro successfully?

I love the thought of having stairs bound to one key, wall to another, floor to another etc but from what i've understood if i were to use builder pro then im 'bound' to these "building mode" so that they have their respective actions in "combat mode".

Do you see what im trying to get at? As they cant be bound individually like on PC... Is this where i would need macros/scripts? I'm clueless in that area lol!

I got a Logitech g502 and a XIM4

First time playing in a while, i downloaded game support for BF1 (Version P4.1*) and Overwatch (Version P4.3*).

Have Xim app firmware version 4.00.20170103 and manager version 4.00.20160405

Can anyone confirm if these are the latest?

Noticed this one isnt listed under compatible keyboards; https://www.inet.se/produkt/6607921/logitech-g610-orion-red-mx-red?utm_source=prisjakt&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=prisjakt#merinfo but similar Logitech models are. Anyone tried the G10?

Can anyone suggest other keyboards for XIM usage? I'd rather not spend more then 70 $, preferably cheaper :D

Game Support / Huge lags in Overwatch
« on: 01:05 PM - 04/26/17 »
Has there been any updates to the XIM which i have missed? I've never had any lag issues but tonight when i tried playing Overwatch it felt like i had 400ms at times...  ??? ???

Game Support / Turn speed limit and XIM flashing red
« on: 04:52 AM - 04/20/17 »
This happens to me alot more then i think it should be. Not only in Overwatch (which i have understood has a slow turn speed limit) but in BF1 aswell.. Its the only thing i dont like about the XIM4 so far.

Am i just used to PC-gaming? I understand i need to move the mouse slower on my deskpad but is there any other solution or easement of this problem? I have my mouse DPI max at 5040 DPI.

P.S i really hope the Overwatch aim patch update comes soon, as i still dont enjoy Overwatching with the XIM as much as i would like!

Have a good day!

Game Support / Cant bind space :O
« on: 09:52 AM - 04/17/17 »
Got my XIM4 today for my ps4 and overwatch,  seems to be working fine with everything so far but i cant change my space-binding, its currently bound to "X" it seems as im using it to select heroes for example.  But i want to change my jump from lshift to space, but doesnt seem to be working  :o Just downloaded the newest firmware etc

Got this keyboard; https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-blackwidow-ultimate-stealth-2016#stealth

And this mouse with 5040 DPI http://qpad.com/products/mice/5K/

Also, does the monitor matter much? Thinking about getting a pc monitor with 1 ms instead of playing on the TV.

I will be playing Overwatch mainly!

Technical Support / [Q/A] Taxes when ordering from the US?
« on: 02:37 AM - 04/05/17 »
When ordering from the official XIM US store it says there wont be any tax cost when shipping worldwide? (I live in Sweden). However when im comparing the price with Amazon they have the import fee, can anyone clarify this for me, isnt there one when ordering from the XIM Store, do i save 40 bucks using your official shop?

XIM Store:

Amazon order:

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