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Hi i really want to know what aettings players who also play on pc use.

Do you use a very similar sensitivity in terms of cm/360?

Do you use a higher sensitivity with xim to combat turning limitations and aim assist slowdown?

Do you try to get the most pc like experience with minimal to no aim assist pr do you see it as a completely seperate experience and take advantage of aim assist?

This is born out of curiosity as i use around a 33cm/360 and that is perfect for me. I like using the same cm/360 on xim as its a similar amount of wrist and arm movement and feels natural but with limitations such as turn caps it feels slower and flicks are naturally slower and then theres the aim assist. I always second guess wether to use a similar to pc sense or to have a bit higher sense to compensate for the turn limits and aim assist.

If you have the answers to these questions i would appriciate the input 🙂

Game Support / The best overwatch has ever felt
« on: 08:36 PM - 03/01/19 »
To begin with i will give a little back story. Ive been messing with apex setups made by myself or others for over two years. Many have given up on thw game as its mechanics are clearly very poor. The problems occur on both the xbox and ps4 version of overwatch but from multiple people who have both platforms the aim feels a bit less tight and the aim assist is stronger and more irritating on ps4.

 This config will be using off sync but if you play on xbox default will also be a very solid choice.

This config has provided me with the best mkb experience ive ever had on console overwatch. The key factors are as follows:

Imo the dpi range of 3000-4500 offers the smoothest and most pc like mouse experience.

1000hz polling
1000hz helps cut through aim assist and makes mouse movements a lot more responsive.

Off sync
Provides the most responsive input and the least aim assist irritation.

Simulate analogue behaviour
The higher the value generally the more smooth and useful the aim assist is, however the higher the value the more intrusive the aim assist becomes. In my new config i have different SAB values for each look mechanic e.g scopes. In the future i may also have a projectile config with a different SAB value. If i do update or add to the config i will update this thread.


Off sync reports your mouse movements to the ps4 1000 times a second which as a far larger amount that the second highest sync default which reports 120 times a second to the ps4. This means and mouse issues are amplified for example stutter caused my mousepad infidelities, atutter caused by the mouse not holding a consistant polling rate or mouse setup issues. There are a few solutions the first is to lower the polling rate which i would not recommend doing as it will increase aim assist and reduce mouse responsiveness, you can add smoothing which at high values makes your inputs feel strange and finally you can make sure you mouse is tracking as accurately as possible.

Mouse tracking performance
To check your mouse tracking performance you can do this either on pc or console but pc is better as inputs are truely 1 to 1. There is a simple fact and thatis that lift off distance of your mouse has a big impact on both your gameplay and your sensors ability to track.

 If your lift off distance is too high you my notice unwanted mouse movements while repositioning the mouse. To test for this try doing 180 turns then repositioning. If you see cursor movement while your mouse is lifted you probably want a lower lift off setting.
If your lift off distance is too low for your setup meaning your mouse, its sensor, how the sensor is implimented in the mouse and your mousepad. You may experience suboptimal tracking in the form of non smooth aim, stutter or pixel skipping.

Imo the best thing you can do is find the highest possible lift off distance you can use with your mouse without experiencing any unwanted mouse movements. Most of the mice i have tried seem to track better on a higher lod setting but naturally having too high of a lod can be a hinderance in fps games.

I have a zowie s1 and i previously had a zowie fk2. Zowie mice have a very low lod range and mice seem to be shipped on a random base setting. My fk2 was on low lod and i had adapted to it but the tracking was clearly inferior. I would recommend medium for zowie at a minimum from personal experience and i use high as i have hyperglides as well. Simply measing with lod settings meant that instead of using either 5 smoothing on off sync and aiming feeling a bit jittery or 7 and aiming feeling smooth but robotic i can now use off sync with only 3 smoothing and it feels super responsibe and smooth.


In game
100 hor
100 ver
25aaw ( no longer a seperate aaw for projectile)
75 aaei
0 smoothing
0 aim ease in
Expo ramp

25 teamate aim assist
100% relative

100% relative

manager settings video


XIM APEX Discussions / Apex legends retrained on max fov?
« on: 02:11 AM - 02/25/19 »
Hi mist is there any chance when you have some spare time you could look into retraining the st on a higher fov. The aiming currently is far far better on the default 70fov but it is horrible using such a low fov.

General Discussion / END game modded zowie s1
« on: 08:21 AM - 02/15/19 »
Soooo goood

XIM APEX Discussions / Overwatch improvements thread
« on: 03:27 AM - 02/12/19 »
If like me you are passionate about overwatch and want the improvements it drastically needs please take a couple of mins out of your day to check out this thread. I have linked it to all the overwatch players i know i just ask that if you want changes for you to do your part. 🙂


XIM APEX Discussions / Realm royal st training
« on: 03:28 AM - 02/11/19 »
If mist or any other members of the st development team can reply to this thread letting me know the in game sensitivity values that the game was trained at i am assuming it would be the following let me know if otherwise:

Targeting sens: 10
Scope sens: 10
X axis: 20
Y axis: 20
Turn accel: 0

Shared Configs / N1TRO apex legends config
« on: 07:24 PM - 02/08/19 »
This op will be updated when either game changes are implimented or new STís are added.

What makes my config so good?

I use 7 x sense 7 y sense as 8 seems bugged making aim assist non existant. (This would be fine but without a propper st mouse accuracy is not good enough and aim assist is needed to make up for it atm)

Deadzones are both small and the turn style is classic withe the FOV at 106

In the xim manager i use default sync 3200dpi 1000hz.

The current st i am using is titanfall 2.

looting config

This config also has a looting auxilary that is activated by scroll down and deactived in the same way.

The config essentially allows you to use your mouse to move the cursor and left click to select (x key), whilst also allowing you to use wasd to move menus up and down.

This config is not perfect but its a very solid start and i have quite a few wins in a low amount of playtime. If you want to try the config and edit the sensitivity to your preference make a titanfall 2 config on your apex then paste the code below.

Your xim must be up to date using the latest beta software!!!!

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Titanfall 2] START COPY >>>

Update for the official apex legends ST

I am still using the in game sensitivity of 7 hor and 7 vert until the aim assist bug is fixed
I also have kept the same looting setup.

This config is designed using the official config
I have changed my ping button to mouse wheel click after playing the pc version. (Its much more comfortable)
I have added turn assist to the g key making using the heal menu much less irritating.

I use the same cm/360 for ads and hip fire but if you want the same relative sensitivities as the pc version, the ads is 0.75 of the hip sense. To calculate this find the hip value you like then measure the distance it takes your mouse to move 360 degrees in game. Then times the cm value by 1.5 and mess with the ads sensitivity till the ads takes that amount of cm to perform a 360.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Apex Legends] START COPY >>>

XIM APEX Discussions / Blackout free to play
« on: 03:03 AM - 01/16/19 »
Blackout is free to play from the 17th to the 24th so if you are like me and you didnít want to splash the cash on another disappointing cod game we can see what bo4s main appeal is like.

Game Support / Perfect overwatch config
« on: 08:13 PM - 01/13/19 »
Wassup guys Iím happy to say I have two simple config options that work amazingly and are a massive upgrade on stock settings.

Firstly I would like to clear up the fact that the two configs will be based around different dpi values. IMO 12000 dpi has a less natural feel but does offer a competitive advantage in terms of aim assist management and is probably the better option however I like my Zowie fk2 too much to swap out which only goes up to 3200dpi and my other config is arguably equally as good. I advise you to try out all the options below and decide for yourselves which you prefer.

3200dpi config

0 boost
0 steady aim
80-100 simulate analogue behaviour (keyboard users only)
Off sync/ default (preference)

0 boost
0 steady aim
80-100 simulate analogue behaviour (keyboard users only)
Default sync/ off sync ( preference)

In game
100 aa
25 aaa (general and hitscans) 50aaw (projectile)
75 aim assist ease in
0 ease in
0 smoothing
Expo ramp

100% relative scope for Ashe ana widow
(1 to 1 scope for ana/widow on pc is 38% on console itís 45.2%) times hip sense by .452 to calculate. This is not necessary anywhere between .35 and .50 would be advisable.
(1 to 1 scope for Ashe on pc is 52% on console itís 61.4%) times hip by .614 for Ashe anywhere between .50 and .70 would be advisable.

Finally why did I change from boost to no boost? I removed the boost values as it does not seem to be necessary you get the same aim assist effect with off sync at 3200dpi and default sync at 12000dpi without the small amount of acceleration boost adds.

Why lower SAB? The higher value simply wasnít necessary for me 80-120 is a solid testing range if you want to mess with this setting.

My current settings are:
Sense 30.59
Sync default
Widow/ana ads 13.83
Ashe ads 18.78
Boost 0
Steady aim 0
SAB 80

I also have identical settings on off sync I have not decided which I like more but currently itís off sync.

Big thanks to OD1N, KUS_SWAT, Lime232 and Antithesis for testing data and opinions 👌

XIM APEX Discussions / Boost vs steady aim
« on: 07:16 AM - 01/05/19 »
Simply put this thread will be my opinions on steady aim and bossts effects on aim assist management and how each should be used, in which situations and what type of people benefit from them.

Boost is the more manageable aim assist managing tool as it simply makes your mouse movements begin immediately at a certain velocity bypassing deadzones and allowing for a quick burst of speed making it easier to move in and out of aim assist bubbles.

When to use it
If you are playing a game where you are having particular trouble entering or leaving aim assist bubbles and you feel like you get caught on the edge of player models add boost In increments of 50 until the problem is less apparent. The advantages of this method are that it has very minimal effect on mouse movements leaving a very good overall 1 to 1 mouse experience however the negatives are that the small amount of acceleration at the start of mouse movements can feel slightly hard to control or generally off and an additional effect is the aim assist bubble on the whole can feel slippery like your using a glass mouse pad.

Who should use this
This should be used generally by anyone having small issues with aim assist as a small helper. Use it sparingly small amounts have minimal effect on your aim but can help with aim assist a lot. Higher levels of boost can have a strong negative effect on your precision. Some addition of boost can make tracking a lot easier as you will not get "stuck in the mud" of the aim assist as much.

Recommended values of boost
0-300 boost will provide the smallest impact on micromovements and will feel the most normal but it will only offer a mediocre level of aim assist negation. 300-600 boost will reduce mouse accuracy a little but it will also have a much larger impact on cutting in and out of aim assist bubbles.
Steady aim
Steady aim essentially quantizes mouse movements meaning that it limits the movements that are capable of being produced. I am no expert but I believe I am correct in saying that it like it's your mouse to only producing certain angles and essentially sets ranges of allowed values. This has a positive effect on aim assist as the non linear nature of the mouse movements confused the games aim assist algorithm.

When should this be used
This generally should be used in two circumstances. The first is if you have tried all the standard ways to reduce aim assist such as syncs, polling rates and dpi but you do not like the feel of boost and don't like the accelerated feel of your mouse movements. The second is as a last resort as you have tried every other feature available to you and the aim assist is still too strong.

Who should use this
People who want to have an easier time with a games aim assist behaviour on a whole making the bubble, the slow down and crosshair magnetism all a lot more manageable.
The positives are that it positively impact every aspect of a games aim assist and does so without adding any acceleration and it is very nice for flick style aimers like myself when compared to boost as you feel snappier and more in control of your flick precision with steady aim. The negatives are this tool hampers your mouses 1 to 1 aim ability limiting certain mouse inputs. This may cause jarring uncomfortable mouse movements and it may also cause additional mouse stutter. This is why this is generally the last resort or the second fiddle to boost.

Recommended steady aim values
0-3 will offer a decent amount of aim assist reduction while maintaining very decent mouse movements and a solid aim assist presence. 3-5 will offer a weaker aim assist with more aim assist negation but it will cause slightly less favourable mouse movements and you won't have as strong aim assist when you do want it. This is a negative or positive based on the game being played.

Both these features are great and have their place. Do not be afraid to experiment with them because you have been told advanced features are not necessary or that one feature is better than another you have to decide for yourself.

XIM APEX Discussions / What SAB values do you use?
« on: 06:37 PM - 01/02/19 »
Hi all, I just thought a thread for us keyboard users to share preferred SAB values would be nice.
Some games have limitations to the SAB values you can use so either post a general preferred SAB range for all games or the game followed by the SAB value.

Mine are:
Overwatch 100-150
Pubg 0 (no aim assist so no point)

General Discussion / Why is this not a controller
« on: 04:33 PM - 12/28/18 »
I saw this man's video on adapting a hori controller into a fully functional 1 handed analogue controller which in general wouldn't be that helpful but in terms of xim the design he made shape wise and button location was is actually genius I'm sure some of the analogue device users will appreciate this. Video link below:


XIM APEX Discussions / The dpi conundrum
« on: 04:17 AM - 12/27/18 »
Hi all I would like to share my recent experiences with you all. I was testing a lot of different features and settings for well over a month and I began talking to rml in his black ops 4 thread. We had a little conversation about random things but ended up talking about dpi. I was a firm supporter of the 3-4k dpi range and rml prefers 12000dpi. Rml gave me the idea to give 12000 dpi another go and although I originally hated having to change mouse as my fk2 is limited to 3200dpi and I also hated having to adjust to an originally horrible mouse feel the experience was definitely worth it.

If you like me have always been a fan of lower dpi ranges and have brought that habbit with you to Apex or simply are unwilling to try new things I employee you to give it a go. The main reason I decided to try 12000doi for an extended period was rml's story about also always liking 3200dpi but being convinced by xuk headhunter who if you don't know him is a rediculously good cod xim player and is essentially the xim poster boy, to change to 12000dpi and he said afterwards he never went back. I will always believe after a lot of testing that on xim4 for me personally 3200dpi was indeed better however I have changed my mind about Apex.

The following is a message I sent to rml tho thank him for giving me reason to change dpi with some reasoning behind why I now believe 12000dpi to be superior.

Hi rml I just wanted to let you know that after taking the time to get used to 12000dpi and my different mouse pure settings wise I agree with you that 12000dpi is superior. The reason however I'm is not just extra aim assist cut through but that the feeling in and out of the aim assist is a lot more similar and flicks seem to be far easier on 12000dpi presumably because the aim assist reacts less quickly as it struggles to understand the inputs it's being given.

12000dpi and 300 boost is absolutely amazing even though the feel is odd but I'm sure if I was switching to 3200dpi it would feel similar. To sum up my thoughts 12000dpi for players that like to flick, don't like aim assist messing with microadjustments and want a more responsive feel due to the less aim assist irritation. 3200 still has it's place as for pure tracking the aim assist helps a lot and feels really smooth and the overall mouse experience is more simple and less jarring but I'm now if you want to take your game to the next level 12000dpi is the way to go even though it is I guess harder to play on but with a higher learning curve comes more reward.

Also I have to say I prefer the fk2 shape and feel but the pmw3360 sensor is just too good the sensor upgrade plus 12000dpi really is noticable. Thanks for convincing me to re-evaluate the dpi choice on Apex.

Final note od1n if your reading this seriously think about giving 12000dpi a go for a few days it seems a lot better with Apex and boost also feels more natural at 12000dpi. Another small advantage is if you like off sync it is far smoother on 12000dpi which I was honestly surprised by.

hi all this will be my most in depth explanation of my settings i hope you enjoy :)

firstly i will explain the different features.

in most games i would recommend you to find the sensitivity you feel most comfortable on and experience the lease amount of over or under aiming but for overwatch i would suggest you find the sensitivity you like the most between a certain range. this range is a cm per 360 of 19 to 29. feel free to choose a sense higher or lower but imo this range allows for the best control with usable turn speed so you are not at a disadvantage.

XY ratio:
you can change this if you want horizontal movements to be faster than vertical movements or vise versa but i would not recommend changing this as it makes your mouse aim no longer 1 to 1.

Steady aim:
This feature basically limits the movements your input can make nullifying certain angles or movement patterns. this feature is a nice addition to have as it helps to counter strong aim assist problems but this option should be your last resort as it is the option that hinders your mouse aim the most.

boost essentially makes your cursor move at a certain value above zero. what this means in practice is that your mouse movements dont begin at 0% and ramp up. this sounds like a bad idea right? the reality is if you use a relatively small value it has vertually no effect on your micro movements. why then would you use this feature? it helps you to cut into the aim assist of many games. the initial momentum boost basically breaks the aim assist algorithms logic and basically makes it not function properly at the start of your mouse movements making the aim assist much more manageable. now for overwatch i would recommend a value between 200 and 600 feel free to test any find your preference or copy my actual settings below.

if you have mouse stutter then add alow value as it just makkes mouse movements smoother and more manageable. if using off sync try a value between 3 and 9.

the best sync for countering aim assist and responsiveness is off sync but it has the drawback of imperfect mouse movements. i think default is overall the best option as it is snappy reduces the aim assist slightly and has extremely good micro movements. Am i saying the other options are unusable? no not at all, in fact i highly recommend if you use a low sense below 29cm per 360 for you to use off sync as the extra aim assist nullification and snappiness far out way the minimal negative micro movement imperfections on a low sensitivity. i would also suggest people using a higher sensitivity than 19cm per 360 to give common a try as the extra stability and added aim assist may help you out.

Simulate analogue behaviour:
this feature is an absolute must for any xim user that uses a keyboard instead of an analogue device such as the sony nav. what this feature does is allows your keyboard to mimic an analogue device due to a somewhat randomised input algorithm and presumably a built in effect that stops wasd inputs from immediately presenting themselves as 100% values and to accelerate to a value of 100% in the same way an analogue input would operate. If you are reading this and going well thats cool but why does this help me i will ask any xim users who use a keyboard if they experience aim assist problems such @#$% negative attraction and random inconsistencies and i bet you all have. this feature helps with any game that has aim assist based on  both left stick and right stick movement making the aim assist work with you more instead of against you and most games have aim assist implemented in this manor. for most games a value around 60 or 70 is good as higher values may cause sprint cancellations or other issues but in overwatch there are no such problems and therefore a value of 100 to 150 SAB works really well.

ways to artificially change your mouse movements from a 1 to 1 experience to a user preference other things casn also be done with curves to add rapid acceleration to your mouse movements making turrets or vehicals more user friendly. i would advise that unless you are looking for a specific adaptation to your mouse movements to simply stay with the default curve.

Sensitivity calculations:
i change my sensitivity to specific values used on the pc version of the game by calculating the correct sensitivity based on the distance it takes for your mouse to make a 360 degree turn. I always go off my base value which happens to be my pc sensitivity which is 33.63cm/360. This value measured out with a tape measure comes to around 17.5 sensitivity at 3200dpi on default sync. this is not 100% accurate but its pretty @#$% close. now if you want to change this sensitivity to a different one perhapse your pc sense i will explain how. this sense is 800dpi 5.15 on pc so if you want a very common sensitivity of 800 6 sense you would use the overwatch sens to 360 calculator which you can find easily with google to find the cm/360 value of that sensitivity. 800dpi 6 sense is 28.86cm/360 so to calculate the sensitivity you would simply use a calculator a do 33.63/28.86 x 17.5. this works with any sensitivity values. this will be accurate only for 3200dpi. if you use another dpi you will have to do these steps then divide 3200 by your chosen dpi value and times the value you got earlier by the new value. it will look like 33.63/28.86 x17 = 20.39 (i use 2dp as xim only goes to 2dp) x 3200/12000 (0.266) = 5.42

here are some common pc values at 3200dpi if you use another dpi simply convert them.

800dpi 6 sense(28.86cm)
20.39 sense

800dpi 7sense(24.74cm)
23.79 sense

800dpi 7.5 sense(23.09cm)
25.49 sense

800 dpi 9 sense(19.24cm)
30.59 sense

all these values are at 3200dpi and default sync!!!!

My perfect setup

dpi: 3200
mouse polling rate: 1000
xim polling rate: 1000
sensitivity: 23.79
sync: default
boost: 300 or 350 usually 350
steady aim: 0
smoothing: 0
x:y ratio: 1.0

simulate analogue behaviour: 150 (imo the best value)

AUX for widow/ana
button: right click
smooth aim transition: unchecked
sensitivity: 10.75
separate profile bound to f4 for quick switching. (main profile bout to f1)

widow and ana's relative aim ratio that is 1 to 1 with the hip sensitivity is 0.452 so simply times your hip sensitivity by this to get a 1 to 1 scope feel with your hip sense.

aux for ashe

button: right click
smooth aim transition: unchecked
sensitivity: 14.61
separate profile bound to f12 for quick switching.

Ashe's relative aim ratio that is 1 to 1 with the hip sensitivity is 0.614 so simply times your hip sensitivity by this to get a 1 to 1 scope feel with your hip sense.

In Game settings

100 horizontal
100 vertical
exponential ramp
0 aim smoothing
0 aim ease in
100% relative scope for ana, widow and ashe

the following settings are just my preference and what i thinkk works best feel free to change them to whatever you want.

100 aim assist strength
25 aim assist window
75 aim assist ease in

General button config:
R1= E
R3= back mouse button
L3= F
triangle= Q
square= R
circle= L-Control
X= spacebar
dpad up= scroll wheel in (communications menu)
dpad left= scroll up (hello)
dpad right= scroll down (need healing)
dpad down = forward mouse button (voice line)

I hope this thread helps this took me over 100 hours to complete. I will be a lot more frequent with youtube uploads and forum posts soon i am currently getting over the flu.

Update 3/2/19

Dpi 3200
Sense 33.98
0 boost
60 SAB

Sense 45
0 boost

Ads 20.73

Ads 15.29

In game
25aaw 50 for projectile and shotgunners
75 ease in

XIM APEX Discussions / Any more low turn cap options
« on: 11:42 AM - 12/18/18 »
Hi all in my quest for the perfect overwatch config for the new builds of Apex firmware it has become abundantly clear that my preferred sense of 33.5cm per 360 is just to slow and sluggish even with my turn speed curve designed to stretch out the final few percent of movement.

My question is is there any other methods available to counter the sluggishness of a lower sense on a game with a low turn speed cap. If not I will be recommending a sensitivity range that I believe you essentially have to use to not be at disadvantage.

This topic is an issue many users have so feel free to also share your experiences. Make sure you include the game you have issues with, what you have tried and why it is a problem. E.g. overwatch is a game that's requires typical precise fps aim but has such h mobile and fast charachters capable of moving 360 degrees around your player model therefore turning to slowly is a huge liability.

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