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XIM APEX Discussions / usb hub
« on: 04:49 PM - 09/04/20 »
if i buy new usb hub, how do i know which usb port to connect my mouse and keybaord and controller too?

XIM APEX Discussions / Ps4 bfv ST feels sluggish.
« on: 05:46 AM - 08/02/20 »
I play xim apex on bfv on xbox one x  feels very responsive.

I bought a ps4 pro but it feels very sluggish, like there is a delay, in my aim movements. and Hip aim seems like it can't do a perfect circle compared to xbox one x.

XIM APEX Discussions / over aiming
« on: 08:41 AM - 07/27/20 »
what can i do to stop over aiming, an enemie?

WOuld too much steady aim cause you to over aim?

im using 5000 dpi

I want to recreate same config, but i dont want to have too map all my  buttons again.

Is there a way I can just copy them over to the new config?

XIM APEX Discussions / ASUS ROG Spatha
« on: 05:33 PM - 06/16/20 »
ASUS ROG Spatha is this comatible with xim apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / bfv might need its profile updating
« on: 04:39 PM - 06/05/20 »
it feels kinda off no matter the settings.

Could somene tell me if it needs updating?

Game Support / need ballistic curve
« on: 03:55 PM - 04/30/20 »
best one to offer more aim assist in game please for aim down sight

General Discussion / supported mouse
« on: 07:12 AM - 04/08/20 »
list of supprted mouse for xim apex please

is Razer Death Adder v2 supported?

I enable on board memory but there seems to be no way to change the dpi sensitivity.

Anyoone else here have this mouse?

XIM APEX Discussions / playing with high hip senitivity
« on: 03:21 PM - 12/16/19 »
the xim apex flashes when i go over the maximum turn speed, is this okay,? because it feels good for me.

General Discussion / what comes after xim apex
« on: 11:25 AM - 11/16/19 »
i wonder what improvements the next XIM will have over xim apex?

What features cold we see in the next xim product?

XIM APEX Discussions / how do i use modscripts with apex?
« on: 10:56 AM - 10/26/19 »
hey how do i use scripts like anti recoil with xim apex?

General Discussion / mw is fun
« on: 02:03 PM - 09/22/19 »
im killing mouse users at the moment, since i had to get used to a controller because no official config yet for the game.

really impressed so far this is only the beta as well, and i have decided to ignore alot of the moaners on youtube and here who say the game is trash.

you just need the pateince to get good, you will do well eventually.

xim apex keeps making my mouse glitchy again, and i get this notification saying my mouse translation is out of date.

i try force a download but it fails to download

Only thing i have noticed is that i recievd an update on my ios.

my aim jitters when trying todo micro aim movements like there is lag.
i checked my mouse and nothing foreign on the lense.

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