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Shared Configs / My perfect MW settings (updated)
« on: 07:00 AM - 05/31/20 »
So recently I uploaded a Video on my channel and Od1n uploaded it on his XIMGameplay channel and I've been getting great feedback for my settings which I posted in the video description. My config is very simple and basic but it seems to work for a lot of people so I thought I'd share it here as well.

In-game settings

20 horizontal
20 vertical
1.0 ADS low zoom
1.0 ADS high zoom
Standard response curve
Standard aim assist
Deadzone 0.05 for PS4

XIM Apex:

1800DPI 1000Hz

Sens: 47.00
Sync: Default
Smoothing: 0
Steady Aim: 0.0
Boost: 0
No Curve

Sens: 25.00
Sync: Default
Smoothing: 0
Steady Aim: 0.0
Boost: 0
No Curve
Activation delay: 224ms
Deactivation delay: 224ms

Some Xbox players are complaining about stick drift in MW and one of the developers tweeted this:

"So we have a fix in our next big update which should fix this for most Xbox controllers. For MW we put effort into reducing the dead zone for the analog sticks on Xbox but we went a bit too far."


Not sure if it will only affect Xbox or all platforms.

I hope the current ST is still usable after this update.

Anyone else?

I thought crossplay is based on input device but I'm getting matched with Xbox and PC players.

The game shows a controller icon next to my name.

Are they detecting my XIM like Fortnite did or is this normal?

Deutsch / PC Lobbys in Modern Warfare
« on: 07:37 AM - 09/20/19 »
In der MW Beta komme ich immer in Lobbys mit sehr vielen PC Spielern.

Ich dachte Maus/Tastatur und Controller werden getrennt?

Erkennt MW meine XIM wie bei Fortnite damals oder ist das normal?

Game Support / World War Z Support
« on: 05:12 AM - 03/03/19 »
Hey XIM Community  :)

Are there any plans to support this World War Z game coming out next month?

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