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So for the first time ever since having a xim i thought id make a change ive been using the Logitec G13 for years have gone through 2 of them and have decided to try a proper keyboard rather than a a mini membrame thing. My question is how many keyboards have use as a community tried i feel like im the scape goat here and havent switched anything up for years or do you all have your old faithfull tride and true keyboard you stick with let me know :D

I have purchased a Razer Huntsment Tournement Edition its on its way as i type it says to have quick actuation but does take awhile to get use to from what ive read dunno if it was a good or bad choice but hey going to try regardless i do know they say its very loud and has a little ping but it looks so interesting to me i have to try it.  Any input on what you guys have found with different boards and switches over the years would be greatly appreacited also thanks

Newest plants vs zombies just got a look mechanic update going from 4-4 to 10-10 now will need a retrain

Have been using the glorious mouse for a few months now and thought i gave it a fair run hooked up my old G40 and well it felt so much easier to aim i hated how heavy it felt BUT my aim was so much better less correction and mianly way more comfort i still think the glorious is good dont get me wrong but for my hand size and just how it felt it was just not for me my most nit picky thing i guess i can say about it is i hate the extra travel distance the shot and ads button has were as on my g403 its alot more flatter of a click i dont know how to explain it lol but yeah i dunno not for me i guess

XIM APEX Discussions / InfiniteWarfare Is insane atm
« on: 12:29 AM - 11/15/19 »
I loved this game in its prime jumped on last night for 2 hours to see how it plays actually found some lobbys in australia and my god its like shooting bots dropped 7 deatomizers in 2 hours and failed a double 1 off in tdm dropped 5 games over 60 kills with just my gun... Lads and lasses you gotta have a crack at this game again its so freaking fun lol!

« on: 04:55 AM - 11/01/19 »
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NhlNoFk9ik&feature=youtu.be Was in a PC lobby with cross play and if you watch the guy was pre fireing me because he had radar games already hacked even when playig on console!

General Discussion / PS5 Controller will use USB TYPE C
« on: 08:02 AM - 10/08/19 »
this good for us xim users got annouced today officially by sony  https://charlieintel.com/playstation-5-confirmed-launching-holiday-2020/57152/

XIM APEX Discussions / PreOrdered Glorious Mouse Model 0
« on: 11:47 PM - 05/21/19 »
Super keen to try this mouse out havent seen anything bad on it and has a really basic shape which i like wont be good for playing blackout but for any other FPS im pretty keen to try it out looks good will keep you posted if i like it and if anyone has one already hows it feel?

General Discussion / Strange Question
« on: 03:19 AM - 03/13/19 »
My mate just asked a very interesting question never thought of this but lets just say your playing a chill campaign game and you use you Xim Apex in 1MS mode does that mean when you pick up the controller and play with that on this chill campaign game it makes the controller have a 1ms delay?

New BR is set to come out this week its made by EA but if we can overlook that part we can see how it might be worth a download first off its free to play with that in mind it means theres no loss for atleast trying it out it has been reported that it is titanfall just with no titans and its pilot vs pilot only with a max of 60 people per server i dont mind that very interesting keep a eye on it theres a live stream of it in 9 hours from now

General Discussion / Anthem Very soon
« on: 03:30 AM - 01/25/19 »
this game looks so freaking fun i cant wait to dig my teeth into and grind super hard the demo is out in 7 hours form now and can be played for free on the 1st of next month make sure to give it a try lad if you like looter shooter grindy games ! :D

Beta / New Beta Manager Broken
« on: 03:46 AM - 01/21/19 »
It connects fine and all that but rather than loading up the useual screen the config button is ultra zoomed in and the screen white cant see noting else i can change config but cannot see any binding ect as its fully bugged out

General Discussion / PUBG Ps4 Dec 7th
« on: 11:06 AM - 11/13/18 »
Played it on xbox was fun but player base was soooooo small living in Au and being on a xbox. going to be exciting trying it out on the Ps4 i know alot about the game so no need to say how it runs but i am looking forward to it also in the article it annouced alot of features ive never tried like custom lobbys ranked play ect going to be nice!

General Discussion / Read Dead
« on: 10:02 AM - 10/28/18 »
I havent stopped playing it i LOVE this game so much! so much to do i feel like im apart of the game and can do what ever i chose not forced into things such good freedom and story intergration if you havent been playing it id say bite the bullet i havent had this much fun on a game in years yes fun i cant b elive im writing fun the gmaes actually @#$% fun i take my leave.. :P

General Discussion / SSD In Ps4 Pro
« on: 06:40 AM - 09/30/18 »
Anyone done this?? curious

General Discussion / Eb Games Trade In For Ps4 Pro
« on: 09:25 PM - 09/27/18 »
any aussies that want a ps4 pro you can trade in your old ps4 and get a pro for 299 AUD i got it for 270 with a discount worth it for sure you need all the cables and 1 controller and two @#$% games worth $5 id do it before blackout drops

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