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General Discussion / 2 Step verification needed
« on: 08:20 AM - 03/07/21 »
sooooooo my cod account got hacked plain and simple pissed off dont be a fool like me and not have 2 step verification on otherwise youl be on there support line for hours trying to recover it. Ive managed to snag my email back due to having my battlenet linked but the guy linked his PSN and i cant unlink it as it has a 12month cooldown. When i message his PSN "Politly" i find out he paid $2  for it....................

General Discussion / Ps5 Controller Stick Drift
« on: 11:52 PM - 11/28/20 »
Ive put in around 150 hours on the new controller and after the first 90 i noitced the controller has severe stick drift broken for sure when playing multiple titles it will randomly do a full 360 look to the sky or just out right move slowly on its own has very weird behaviour hope you guys get luckier but its not looking good for the ps5 controller lads

General Discussion / Ps5 Xim working in Menus
« on: 05:59 PM - 11/11/20 »
My mates got his ps5 im getting mine in a few hours his Ps5 is working with xim in the main menus but waiting on confirimation if it works in game this ONLY works when using the DS4 the new dualsense isnt compatiable

This doesnt support 4k 120h as its using a HDMI 20 COnnection and they stated the price would be doubled if ussing a 2.1 connection is there a splitte ri can order off amazon that will support hdmi 2.1 so im set for when i get my ps5 and new monitor as my custom eqs wont work without it

General Discussion / cold war fov on ALL PLATFORMS
« on: 11:54 AM - 10/07/20 »
ohh lord forgive ima bout to bust loooooooool to every pc player that will read this lord have mercy on your soul ima about to go HAM FREAJKKKKKING SANDWHICH OMFG

General Discussion / Ps5 Full Teardown Interesting
« on: 10:45 AM - 10/07/20 »

Just a full teardown of the ps5 thing looks pretty solid i like how easy it will be to install a NVME SSD for extra space and liquid metal and ddr6 being used they are also supporting pcie gen 4 they really have tried to go as fututre proof as possible

General Discussion / missed ps5 preoder
« on: 02:19 AM - 09/17/20 »
im depressed

Game Support / Hyperscape curve
« on: 03:19 AM - 08/12/20 »
use this curve on the hipfire so you have a playable experiance i made it feels good to me and use r6 classic

>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

General Discussion / Ps4 Controller WILL work on PS5
« on: 07:09 AM - 08/03/20 »
Sony just annouced ps4 controller will work on ps5 for old ps4 games but this sounds promising for us!! Hell yeah boys!

General Discussion / Logitec G Pro Wireless
« on: 09:23 AM - 07/11/20 »
I keep eyeing this thing off its 229 aud atm does the shape feel similar to logitec g403?? if it does please let me know as i do want to try it i am thinking of pairing it with a MP510 mouse pad by coolermaster as i have never tried anything other than the g440 hard mosue pad

General Discussion / audio was changed in warzone
« on: 02:33 AM - 07/05/20 »
audio was changed in warzone and its crazy that NO ONE has been talking about it. It sounds so tin sounding and fake now like surround sounds off but its not they really made the game softer sounding and wasnt mentioned in the patch notes its not active in multiplayer only warzone the auidos changed so if anyone wonders why it feels different thats why it was chnaged without them saying so

General Discussion / Playing MW in Australia is Horrid
« on: 12:57 PM - 06/22/20 »
What the title says i thought id treat myself to some MW as ive been grinding the last of us like crazy and thought hey lets turn cross play back on INSTANTLY first game on i play against what i thought was a good player untill i saw the killfeed HEADSHOT HEADSHOT HEADSHOT EVERY GOD @#$% TIME.... i thought ok surly people arnt hacking in multiplayer as its everywere in warzone and welp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyLQPnx9ThQ  i switched to a ghost class as i thought maybe he got the streaks legit watch the clip as he is aiming at me as hes going around the wall ESP obviously he prefires me through a tank i knew then something was fishy so i gave him the quick one two jumpshot low and behold he had time to aimbot a team mate and then me... next death i knew he was somewere near the house as i was hunting him and again hes tracking me through the wall pretends to not see me even does a random sldie cancel in the open field... then again wallbanging me even though im not visable the reason its so bad is not the hacking as its pc scum bags doing it its the sheer wait times in aus for cross play disabled you want to play 10v10? 5mins at best before you find a match free for all? 8 mins.... its so annoying and warzone forget it you cannot load into a match of warzone UNLESS you have cross play enabled this really is a huge problem how the heck can a AAA company not stop people like this dissapointed games so dead in australia its disgusting and i refuse to put cross play on with pc scum using mods.. they need a option for xbox and ps4 ONLY
Sad boy hours now lol

General Discussion / Feature Suggestion
« on: 10:37 AM - 05/30/20 »
i like using bo3 config alot for most of my cods but in some games id prefer having the hip from a different config but ads from another my question is could it even be possible to have lets say Cod4 for my hip config and Bo3 for my ads config if you know what i mean.

Game Support / Cuisne Royal has a practice mode
« on: 06:26 AM - 04/18/20 »
they added a mode were you can sit afk in it says 45mins in the bottom corner dunno if its worth it though

General Discussion / Ps5 Controller annouced
« on: 04:11 AM - 04/08/20 »
Heres a link to the blog for anyone interested looks nice comes in black to https://blog.us.playstation.com/2020/04/07/introducing-dualsense-the-new-wireless-game-controller-for-playstation-5/

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