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General Discussion / Trying to get a unavailable st
« on: 05:07 AM - 03/22/23 »
Hey Iím having aiming issues so I just wanna be sure I have the right st Iíve been using, how would I go about finding Overwatch 1 ver 1.2 so I can be sure Iím using the right thing. I remember something along the lines of needing someone who has it, I think something may be wrong with mine. Iíve never tried to download one other than just opening the app, any help would be great! If you have it or may know where to find it that would also be great, or if you can tell me how to check if my version is still right on my app.

Game Support / Gunfire reborn
« on: 05:11 PM - 03/16/23 »
Hey was wondering if gunfire reborn will have a (think itís called st)

Also games like redfall.

General Discussion / Deadzone
« on: 09:04 PM - 02/06/23 »
Hi Iím trying this new cool game called ďroboquestĒ (should make a config for it cuz itís cool) but the deadzone in it isnít the best. If you move the mouse a little it doesnít pick it up. Is there a setting in the xim apex where I can kinda fix that with the deadzone?

XIM MATRIX Discussions / New info?
« on: 01:25 AM - 12/28/22 »
I havnt been keeping up but I hear thereís a new device coming. Do we have any idea on when itís coming out or when a announcement of a announcement is?

Technical Support / [Q/A] Does controller matter?
« on: 01:45 PM - 12/10/22 »
Okay so if Iím on a series X and using a day one controller for my Xbox one does that matter? Iím told it doesnít matter really when it comes to aiming etc on a xim. If I plug a series X controller into my xim over my older one will I notice any change? I only have one new controller so I like to use the sx controller for my controller games. If I plug it in then I wouldnít have it unless I unplug and do all that work.
(I use a apex by the way set at 1000hz)

General Discussion / Overwatch season 2
« on: 03:17 PM - 12/06/22 »
Does anyone notice any changes with ow2 for season 2?? It doesnít feel different a little to anyone or?

Game Support / Overwatch 2 suck still?
« on: 04:23 PM - 11/27/22 »
I does the aim assist still suck in ow2??? Did they update it at all to fix it or does it still feel horrible.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Logitech mouse onboard memory
« on: 09:35 PM - 10/25/22 »
Hey can anyone help me out Iím tryna use this software to change my dpi but it sucks. I change my dpi then when I use on bored memory mode it gives me max dpi. I canít fix this and need some help.

Game Support / Gunfire reborn
« on: 12:13 AM - 10/25/22 »
Is there going to be a format made for this game when it comes out this week on consoles?

XIM APEX Discussions / Max dpi or no
« on: 10:59 PM - 10/24/22 »
I play on 12000 should I max it out I think mine can max at 25000ish. Does it make a difference even if should it always be maxed.

XIM APEX Discussions / Dpi?
« on: 10:58 PM - 10/24/22 »
Question should I max my dpi out for my xim no matter what? Or should I not do that and choose a lower number. My old mouse was max 12000 so when I got the new g502 I just made it 12000. Does this effect a lot with a xim cuz Iím sure a pc it would, ow aim feels so bad so maybe max dpi would help?

General Discussion / Ow2
« on: 09:47 PM - 10/24/22 »
I canít aim in this game bro no matter what I do it feels my turn speed is to fast for the aa itís choppy I stick to players then speed off them at mock 10 I donít get it

General Discussion / Ow2
« on: 07:45 PM - 10/14/22 »
Any new findings with the new config (better or worse etc) put them in here to help people out and find out if the new one is better then ow1 etc.

General Discussion / Ow2 feels well off.
« on: 10:59 AM - 10/07/22 »
This is just a general question for people with and without any kind of xim. Does ow2 sense and aim assist feel really off? The beta felt great but the game itself feels really weird and buggy almost. Sometimes I feel I almost have to turn it off to get better aim assist t like that shouldnít work like that. Maybe we can find a short term general fix if a lot of others her have had any of the same issues with the game. I have kb&m players and controller players tell me they feeling the same issues so it isnít just a xim thing then.

XIM APEX Discussions / New dpi help
« on: 03:03 PM - 09/21/22 »
So my g502 max is 12,000dpi Iím trying the new g502 and I think it goes up to like 25,000dpi or som like that. Iíve played with this mouse now for 5+ years so should I just set my new one dpi to 12,000dpi or should I max it out. I assume if I max it out then my aim settings on all my games would change and Iíd have to edit them all and it would mess up how it feels. Any advice on what I should do woukd help a lot cuz Iím sure the new mouse will be better in general if I do 12,000 dpi.

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