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First for all , English is not my native language,
I would like to share my experience to help guys are struggling with input delay issue,
But please forgive my horrible grammar. ::)

My equipments:
SS Rival 700 @7200 dpi with 1000 polling
Ducky 87 anti-ghosting keyboard with 1000 polling

Since upgraded the firmware from 20190217 to 20190429 one week ago
I feel the mouse and keyboard had input delay when i am pressing multiple keys or mouse movement,
that feel like I'm holding two directions and release one of them very slowly,
even i adjust my mouse and keyboard polling rate.

I tired rollback the firmware to 20190217(Factory Reset with XIM APEX Flash 20190217)
every thing just back to normal,
I think may be skip the 20190320 version have any config compatible issue,
then I tried upgrade to 20190320 and tested around 30min (2 daily missions),
still had input delay a few times but better than 20190429,
After that i upgraded to 20190429 again and create a new config for TD2 but the delay just happen very frequently same as the first time

In my case, I believe 20190429 and 20190320 may have some input delay issue.
If you guys had same issue like me i would recommend try to rollback 20190217,
hope it could be help

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