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Game Support / Good Overwatch settings?
« on: 05:10 PM - 03/11/20 »
Hi after a long break from PS4 Overwatch I decided to get the Xim Apex and play it again with friends.
On PC I got used to 800 DPI and 4 Sens I know it is impossible to recreate that same sensitivity on console but I want something accurate thats also fast, what would be the best settings?

I have two mice the one I use for PC is the Zowie EC2A (max 3200 dpi) I figured that wouldn't be enough so I plugged in my DeathAdder Elite (16000 dpi) and play on 4.0 but I'm not happy with it yet.

Is going for max DPI the best way or are there better ways to get precise aiming without sacrificing speed?

Game Support / Ideal Destiny 2 Setup?
« on: 01:28 AM - 09/28/17 »
Hey I got Destiny 2 yesterday, I know better late than never. Also never played Destiny with the XIM so I was wondering whats the "perfect" settings for it on PS4.

So far I've only played Overwatch with the XIM using 9000 DPI, Linear Ramp with this curve. X4MB:AAAAGgA0AC4AMAAwAC4AMgAwADEANgAwADQAMAA1ESpDXHV9hY2VnZ2dnZ2enp6enp6f:X4MB

I tried using CCC and use the same Curve for Destiny 2 but the Deadzones seem to be around 20 for the starting point. I'm not liking the Aim Assist so I guess having a high Sensitivty is the way to go.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Xim4 Filmware
« on: 12:57 PM - 06/10/17 »
So I recently got my Xim4 and messed with some settings and noticed that I'm missing options. After some checking I realized my Xim4 was on the 20160405 Firmware so I updated it.
My only devices are a MacBook Pro and my iPhone, no Windows. But I can't find an Manager for Mac and the latest Firmware for iOS isn't 20170103.

Can someone help me please? :-\

Game Support / Overwatch Settings
« on: 11:37 AM - 06/06/17 »
Hey I just got my new Xim4 today, meaning I am a total noob.

I have tried some keybindings and found the perfect one but just can't figure out some decent aim settings.

I am using the Razer DeathAdder Elite with 16.000 DPI. In Overwatch my sensitivity is on 100 and Aim Smoothing on 0 with Exponential Ramp because Linear is broken.
My Xim Sent is set on 8 anything below 5 is just too slow for flicks and anything above 10 is too fast. I also have no idea what to do with that curve and all those other settings. I'm using the iPhone App so if there is any difference to PC so please bare with me.

Before I got the Xim I played every character on 100 so I am used to high sensitivity.  :D

XIM 4 Discussions / Razer DeathAdder
« on: 10:55 AM - 03/16/17 »
Hey if one of you is using or used a Razer DeathAdder (if Chroma or Elite) doesn't matter can you tell me how it performs?

Everyone says "Get the Logitech G502 its the best" but I don't like Logitech and nobody of those people checked out the new Razer DeathAdder Elite.

So is it worth it to get one?

Hardware Compatibility / Best Mouse for the XIM4?
« on: 11:20 AM - 03/13/17 »
Hey I'm planing to get a XIM4 and was wondering what is the best mouse?

From what I've heard its the Logitech G502. Well I find Logitech mice ugly but if it is really that good I can reconsider.

My original Plan was to either get a Razer Mouse.

So how do these three perform I would like to hear your opinion.  ;D

1) Razer DeathAdder Elite
2) Razer DeathAdder Choma
3) Logitech G502

Game Support / Xim4 on Overwatch
« on: 01:02 PM - 12/13/16 »
Hey I heard good things about the Xim and want to buy one but will the Game really feel like on PC? I am talking about sensitivity, I play on 100/100 on my PS4 and its just too slow for me. Can I do instant 180s with the Xim4?

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