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Game Support / MWR settings
« on: 10:14 PM - 12/02/17 »
Seen SA3 and SA5 both used but wondering what solid faster turn rate settings you guys have ran across instead of taking the large amount of time to play around with it.  Give me a decent guideline to start with that feels good

XIM 4 Discussions / Mlb the show
« on: 02:06 PM - 04/28/17 »
Has anyone tried a configuration for zone hitting on xim? Curious

I've installed all updates but since switching to my pro I can't seem to get my mouse to work consistently with the pro. . The move nav always works but the mouse either does not work at all or once I plug it in it leads me to spinning in circles uncontrollably on mwr

Game Support / Mwr high sensitivity profiles
« on: 09:39 PM - 11/10/16 »
What you guys using?  Always used a 32.5 hip and 22.5 ads with logictech 5400 at 12k dpi but am a curve noob and usually download someone elses

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