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Game Support / Fortnite builder pro settings w/video
« on: 10:13 AM - 05/10/18 »
Hopefully this helps some people out. Iím not saying I have the best settings, this is just the settings I perform the best with.

Xim Apex
12k dpi
125 hip 65 ads
Sync: off

My keybindings are a little unique so bare with me, plus this is for the g13 In which I do use the analog stick for my movement

Logitech g13:
G4: jump
G5: harvesting tool
G10: L1
G11: building mode
G12: R1
G13: inventory
G19: Game menu
G22: ps guide

Scroll up: change material
Scroll down: crouch
Left Side buttons:
Forward: sprint
Back: reload

Builder pro:
Left click: walls
Right click: stairs
Floor: g12
Roof: g10

Hardware Compatibility / Razer lancehead?
« on: 02:42 PM - 05/05/17 »
just ordered one

Just came out recently but has anybody had a  chance to try it out yet?

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