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After a game upgrade today im met with an error that says controller disconnected, reconnect the controller or press A. Nothing works although XBox menu and everything else works. I disconnect the xim and turn on controller normally everything works fine.

Does this mean Xim apex is now detectable and banned on Apex Legends? This is on Xbox series X btw

« on: 02:50 PM - 01/31/22 »

When i create a new config for BFV i get PC GAMe as an option? Is this the option to pick for 120hz gaming on xbox x series or?

Game Support / BF V - Shot skipping issue.
« on: 11:26 AM - 01/14/22 »

Loving BFv right now and been playing it a lot the last few months, only issue i have is when using single fire weapons (pistols, Semi Rifles etc my gun will start skipping shots for no reason, this happens all the time so ive diverted from using these guns and stuck to using Automaitc weapons only, still lose some gunfights due to my pistol wont fire properly.

My ingame settings are set to the recommended xim settings: LT RT deadzone set to 30%.

Does anyone know what the issue is and how to fix?

Also when picking the right console for BFV in the xim application i get PC as an option? I play on XSX on 120 fps should i be running that config over the xbox one?

Technical Support / [Q/A] Xim Apex - DS4 Losing charge?
« on: 08:15 AM - 12/30/18 »
Hey guys!

So i have this weird issue where everytime i start my console for the day i see that my controller shows as charging, so somewhere along the way when my console is off it decharges.

I asked my friend who pretty much runs the same setup as mine if he was having the same issue and he does not!
Also sometimes my controller charge will show up with a question mark?

Any idea what the problem can be?

PS: I tested this using 2 different DS4s and same issue persists.

How can they make a great game like BF 1 and manage to F it up this bad on BF 5?
Most of my deaths are due to proners/campers i cant even see lol, @#$% is this garbage?!

Hey guys!

So i have been playing with 1000hz polling mouse/apex over a long period now and having my Apex connected directly to the PS4. The config was working very well with a good balance of aim assist and still being able to adjust aim easy on Fortnite.

I changed monitor today and with this Ezio 24" it has a USB HUB that i thought would be a good idea to use with the Apex (I Use a Logitech G pro + Razer Orbweaver) but then i instantly noticed how aim assist just vanished. I would pick up shotguns in the lobby and test it on running targets and my aim was not slowing down AT ALL. Ingame i lost plenty of shotgun fights due to not being used to the absence of the aim assist.

I went back to plugging the apex directly to the PS4 and aim was back to Normal, if connecting my apex to a usb hub almost removes aim assist then its an interesting side effect.

Can someone explain why/how this is the case?

Found this comment from an Epic employee:


Apparently we got some good changes coming to the game. Also they are giving us some Deadzone config perhaps that will fix snipers being garbage atm.


Recently i received a Razer wildcat controller as a gift. The controller is amazing and feels good with 4 buttons that you can remap.

Can you please add support to this one?


Game Support / H1z1 coming to PS4
« on: 10:45 AM - 04/24/18 »
Hey guys!

So im hyped over the official announcement by Daybreak that H1Z1 is finaly coming to PS4 and PS4 Pro.

In short 60 fps is offered to PS4 PRO players while PS4 gets 45FPS.

I hope this game gets an official ST because its going to be amazing!!.

Game Support / Post your BF1 Settings.
« on: 03:32 PM - 06/08/17 »
Hey guys!

Im wondering what setups you guys have been running in Battlefield 1 since the new ST release.

This is my current setup:

Zombie curve hip5,5 RML Curve ADS 5,5 for. 12k DPI 1000hz polling.

I also still use the HIP translator for ADS after trying the ADS translator it felt very sticky, i feel i have more control over my aim with HIP translator for ADS.

Ingame settings:

All sensitivitys max and USA: ON - coefficient: 133%.
Aim assist Autorotation: OFF Aim slowdown: ON.

Im very interrested in trying out different setups and hope you guys can post your settings so we can find something very good we can all agree on.

PS: I play with a G502 + PS Nav.

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