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I was playing BF2042 (ps4 version) on ps5 the last few days with no issues. Then i decided to try COD Cold War and COD Warzone. I downloaded them. Now my Xim Apex no longer works, the ps5 says "device not supported". It doesn't work even on ps4 version games like BF2042 which it worked on this morning with no issues.

How do i fix this? Did COD kill my Xim?

Currently using a really old laptop to Remote Play my ps5 and use mouse. Its inconvenient because the laptop turns off by itself often. Do you guys recommend beloader? Any issues and is it easy to install?

If you recommend it, where do i buy the real thing not a rip off.

Game Support / New to COD Vanguard, pls help
« on: 03:51 PM - 12/12/21 »
It's my first time ever playing COD so apologies for another COD thread but there are so many Vanguard threads I dont know where to start.

Does this game a low turn cap? I'm following Mists recommended settings but I'm hitting the cap easily in both hip and especially ADS. Using the Vanguard ps4 ST, 250 hz, sync off. Hip 65, ADS 50. 3200 dpi.

My ADS isnt even that fast so I'm not sure why I'm hitting the cap.

Edit: ADS sensitivity multiplier of 4.0 seems to help increase the cap as it seems like I'm not hitting it as much.

Anyone else use the multiplier?

Game Support / Vanguard on PS5?
« on: 02:22 PM - 12/11/21 »
I know there are lots of threads but it's easier to just ask, I'm thinking of getting COD Vanguard on ps5. Does the ps5 version work the old way with Xim or only Remote Play?

Any issues with the game aim mechanics to be aware of or with the ST itself?

Shared Configs / Garbagefield 2042
« on: 08:54 PM - 12/10/21 »
If anyone is still having issues with aim, I found some settings that are working very well for me especially with 1.25x scopes and cut through the aim assist at medium and long range instead of getting stuck in the bubble.

In-game settings exactly as recommended by Mist and Xim team.

Xim settings:
Global settings: Response rate 250 hz
BF2042 ST profile Sync OFF (Hip and ADS)
Hip sensitivity: 75
ADS sensitivity: 52.5

24' monitor
3500 dpi, 500 polling rate

75 slowdown/sticky aim assist
80 snap aim assist (Though I don't think there's any snap)
81 vertical fov
1.25x sensitivity  at 125%
1.5x sensitivity at 150%

Beta / Remote play with Sony NAV
« on: 09:54 AM - 11/18/21 »
Is it possible to do remote play with mouse and Sony NAV controller instead of keyboard?

Hardware Compatbility / PS Nav controller alternatives
« on: 08:43 PM - 07/26/21 »
I bought a used PS Nav and a week later it seems to have died. I'm contemplating buying another one unless you guys can recommend alternatives that are compatible with Xim Apex?

XIM APEX Discussions / Can you add a delay...
« on: 02:46 PM - 07/24/21 »
I tend to full auto fire alot when at times its more efficient to burst or tap fire which accumulates less recoil. Is there a way to add a delay that stops the firing AFTER the gun has been firing for say 100 milliseconds?

XIM APEX Discussions / PS Nav on ps5
« on: 10:18 AM - 07/23/21 »
I installed it as per a video on YT by the Xim channel and it works with Xim Apex but only in wired. Anyone know how to make it work wirelessly?

XIM APEX Discussions / How to unpair a bluetooth device?
« on: 10:40 AM - 07/18/21 »
If im using a bluetooth nintendo nunchuk wirelessly and I want to unpair it how would I do this? 

XIM APEX Discussions / Smoothing
« on: 12:14 AM - 07/17/21 »
Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but all values in the slider from  0 to 20 feel exactly the same, I dont feel any smoothing.

Game Support / Pasting a user's config code not working
« on: 04:36 PM - 07/16/21 »
I just got my Apex today and I'm trying to paste Allan's BFV code into the Edit Config. I copied the code and I click paste it says Error. What am i doing wrong?

My Xim Apex is arriving in the mail tomorrow so I'm reading up to get ready for configuring it. I saw on the forum that theres an official ST for Battlefield V and also configs made by users. What's the difference between an official ST and a user config?

Also, how would I load a user's config into my Apex? A person named Allan seems to have a config for BFV that's very popular so I'm looking for that.

Beta / Can you play PS4 games on PS5 using DS4?
« on: 04:58 PM - 07/14/21 »
Does Xim Apex work if I connect it to the Dualshock 4 and play BFV on PS5?

I'm under the impression you only need a 3rd party controller if you're playing PS5 games 

Beta / Please list everything I need to buy to play on PS5
« on: 11:12 AM - 07/08/21 »
I saw the sticky post but I just I want to make sure I get all the correct items. I want to be fully setup for when Battlefield 2042 releases

What do I need to buy?

1) Xim Apex (Amazon?)
2) 3rd party controller. Which one? Some of the ones in the sticky post are so expensive. 
3) ? Do J need a Titan X. Some users have it and I dont know if this is needed.

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