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I am having a hard time adapting to the Xim Nexus. Maybe it's because I'm from MnK player.

Has anyone ever been successful in competitive PVP with Xim Nexus? Can you share your settings?

Thank you.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / How can I aim with this thingy?
« on: 01:23 AM - 02/24/22 »
Thank you for developing another new innovation for gamers on the front lines.

I got my Nexus delivered yesterday. My setup is PS5 - remote play - PC - Titan two - Xim nexus.
The setup was successful, everything is working as intended I think.
I mainly play Destiny 2. So I loaded Destiny 2(PS4) profile in the Nexus manager.

I'm Xim Apex(M&K) long time user, so I'm not good with my thumb.

The main question is how can I aim properly with this? Aim with motion only? or Aim with motion and thumb?
Do I move my thumb and do the motion at the same time? Or, do I fine-tune it with motion only after I positioned the reticle close to the enemy with my thumb?
What's the best way to utilize motion aiming?

Motion aiming is very new to me and some gamers are probably in the same situation as me. Plus, it's even newer to use thumb and motion together. It's obviously a complex move like doing a circus, at least for M&K only gamers like me.

But I want to learn and practice.

And how can I determine the Stick Aim Sensitivity and the Motion Aim Sensitivity?
Are there any basic criteria or guides to refer to when determining sensitivity(stick and motion)? Like cm/360 for mouse sensitivity?
Is there a recommended ratio of stick sensitivity to motion sensitivity?

If you let me know, it would be a good starting point to start practicing thumb and motion aiming.

And how should I practice?
Should I practice the thumb first or the motion first? Or should I practice both at the same time?

Sorry for the many questions from a beginner.

When I shoot(click left mouse button), because of some anxiety, I put too much power on my hand and finger which causes unintentional mouse movements.

How can I prevent this? How can I get stable mouse clicks that don't cause mouse movement?

So sad because too few player play Destiny 2 in these days and too few talk about Destiny 2 in this community.

Anyway, I know RML's settings but I want to know which settings the top players use. Any little comment will be appreciated.

XIM APEX Discussions / PS4 controller rumble?
« on: 03:25 AM - 04/26/19 »
My setting is "ps4 --- Xim Apex --- Xim hub ------ Dualshock4 + Sony nav + g900 mouse" which is very general.

I turned on Xim Manager's enable rumble option.
I turned on in-game controller rumble option.

But why my dualshock4 does not rumble at all?

PS4 normal(not Pro) version does not have wired connection option for controller.

But Xim Apex official setting youtube says that wired connection option must be turned-on.

So if I use PS4 normal version and cannot turn on that option, it makes me disadvantageous on using Xim Apex?


Azeron + Mouse is too mediocre. How about two azerons as one for left hand and one for right hand?
Can this be possible with Xim Apex?
This is my dream as a console gamer!

I heard any USB 2.0 hub can be used instead of xim apex hub included in xim apex package.

But actually I had no success on this setting.

I was using USB 2.0 powered hub.

One of the problem I had was that sometimes my sony nav is not working.

The other problem I had was sometimes not being authorized properly(ps4 dual shock is not recognized properly).

Eventually I had to return to the original xim hub.

Actually I wonder, if any USB 2.0 hub can be used on Xim apex, why there are priority numbers on xim apex hub (which is indicated with dots)?

What do the prioty numbers mean on xim apex hub? Are they important?

How can I recognize the priority of the ports on general USB hub?

Is there anyone who successfully using USB hub  and if yes, what is your USB hub?


Xim Apex, Latest manager(iOS) and firmware(Beta 0402).

When I delete some of my configs in "Manage Configs" and press "save" and press "backward" to get out, my all other configs are gone.
This is very frustrating because I have to make ALL CONFIGS for my all games again. Actually I can't remember all settings I made, so I have adjust setting for all my games again and this is painful and make Apex literally unusable.

I got this error about 4 times already.

I attached my manager screenshots(after the error happened).

Any solution?

XIM 4 Discussions / Logitech G900 vs G502
« on: 08:28 PM - 11/23/16 »
Can anyone compare G900 with G502?

I'm using G502 now but I'm thinking of going wireless.

I know Xim4 is fully compatible with Elite controller. But how should I connect(wiring) each other? Should the original PS4 controller be connected with Xim4 always?

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