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Game Support / The division 1.6
« on: 06:55 PM - 03/01/17 »

I speak on behalf of the gamers who got the xim4 for this game. The new patch was released yesterday and they've made changes on aiming and look mechanism. Is there any way this can be updated on your end? It seems deadzone 35 is no longer appropriate or that the normal curves are no longer normal.


XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 The Division (PS4)
« on: 11:17 AM - 09/30/16 »
Hi guys,

Reaching out for some guidance.

Right now the shotgun meta is still king and console + aim assist is still vastly superior than my mouse and keypad. Anyways, that is soon going to change but I'm still having difficulty

My set up is Logitech g13 keypad and Logitech g303 mouse. I used Venom’s setting and it is significantly better than the official The Division one.

-   I struggle with the keypad, and it just feels so foreign to me. The substitute for the spacebar key is awkward to press. So does it take more time to get comfortable? Or should I just cut my losses and use a regular keyboard. And for a regular keyboard, is there any loss in responsiveness? I’m only asking because it seems that everyone here has the g13 lol.
-   Aiming with a mouse is supposed to be better, but without the vibration, I have to rely on watching the reticle exclusively to adjust my aim as opposed to the “feel”. Also, I am having such a difficult time making sharp turns especially when sprinting up and down the stairs. This makes it very hard to run from / chase people where as in console I would just hold down to the direction I’m turning and my guy would turn. With the mouse, there is no “holding down” as I either have to adjust my sensitivity to be able to make those sharp turns – but not be able to hip fire properly (thus defeating the purpose of using a mouse) – or I stop sprinting each turn, turn my mouse, then sprint again, which literally kills me or let others get away easily. 

What I’m hoping to achieve is that my overall camera sensitivity is still high enough to be able to turn but as soon as I fire from the hip the sensitivity drop so that I can aim properly. As far as the turn goes, is that where the “turn assist” come into play?

Really new at this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone,

I'm what would qualify as an old school gamer  and most of my gaming background was around FPS (CS, quake, etc..) I stopped gaming when I entered adulthood and recently got back to it because my girlfriend got me a PS4 for my birthday. Ever since then, I have been playing sporadically with The Division. The game itself requires a lot of work, but I find it the right game for a casual like me to get into (not too competitive, not too boring). I do have an innate nature to be good at what I do and after many months of practicing, the controller still doesn't satisfy me.

I finally pulled the trigger and got a xim (accidentally stumbled upon this when I was searching around the internet). I already decided on the logictech g303 but still stuck on the keyboard vs keypad thing. To me, the keypad is totally alien and does not easy to use, but definitely I can see how it can be convenient (in terms of space and ergonomic etc..)

So finally the question, most of the games (if I even buy more) that i'll play will be some type of shooter, whether its FPS or TPS, so should I go for a keypad or keyboard? Any brands you recommend for my specific needs?


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