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Game Support / Overwatch
« on: 02:15 AM - 09/29/16 »
I have read this entire thread and tried almost every different variation I could. I have gone from 1600 DPI to 10k and basically what I found is the Logitech mice work better with the xim4 at higher DPI and pretty much everything else needs to be lower to your preference. I have also tried every curve in this forum and I am still using Henry's curve with the 1250 boost for characters like genji and tracer. If I am playing mcree or anything that's hitscan I will run 80 boost with a higher xim sensitivity. I placed top 500 season 1 and am currently top 5 in season 2. I could probably write 10 paragraphs on here about the different curves and options so if your not running the g502 and have questions let me know I will be glad to answer. I am also open to any objections or ideas to help me out.

DPI: 6400
Xim: 55 with 1250 boost and 65 with 80 boost
Razer Deathadder chroma
Henry's Curve
Aim assist 95 projectile 100 hitscan
Benq Rlq monitor

Also I am not using a keyboard for movement. Tried it but doesn't seem to go with console very well so I am running the Sony nav controller works really well with any character in the game.

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