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I don't own DayZ but wouldn't mind buying it as I heard it got a couple decent performance updates recently.

I'm curious at how people find the look mechanic and how well the Apex performs with it.

Our stance on this? The short answer is: we don't condone it. We are investigating ways to detect if players are doing it that we're testing internally. That's all we have to say on it for now but we'll revisit this and talk about progress with detection and how we'll address players that are using it in the near future.

Wonder how they will address this. Currently even the smallest amount of SAB causes sprinting to be canceled. Hopefully there will be some workarounds if they implement any kind of detection system.

Game Support / How's the BF5 ST?
« on: 07:21 PM - 07/11/19 »
I just bought BF5 for cheap on Amazon and it gets here in a couple days. I heard the BF5 ST is actually really good and the look mechanic in game is great. Is this true?

Just curious if anyone does this. I am thinking of using the rear USB port on the systems, but I know they often get hot (my PS4 Pro gets pretty hot) and am unsure if this is something the Apex can handle without issue.

Games I have played or own

Apex Legends
All the Call of Duty games
Titanfall 2
Battlefield 1
Gears of War 4
Halo 4
Battlefront 2
Destiny 2
PlanetSide 2

Anyone playing anything that isn't one of these games?

When you add a power adapter to the hub, is it supplying additional power + the power received from the console/apex? Or is it once you attach a power adapter, all power is drawn from the adapter and none from the console/apex?

So the past couple days my keyboard and mouse turn off entirely during gameplay. The controller as well becomes unusabe, but remains on. When I open Apex manager I see the icons at the top representing my mouse and keyboard, but no inputs are received and displayed within the app when I press buttons or move my mouse. There are no light sequences on the Apex when this happens. Just the standard profile color. I have also moved the cables around near the hub while moving my mouse and keyboard to confirm that the connection quality is still solid.

I also tested this issue using XIM Link to determine if power draw is too high. I plugged my keyboard into my PC and kept my mouse plugged into my Apex hub. The issue will still occur and the mouse will turn off entirely, but the keyboard will go unaffected.

Is it possible the hub is the issue and is it possible to get a free replacement from the XIM store? I purchased directly from XIM.

I could be entirely wrong, but doesn't deactivation delay allow you to press a button once, and have it remain active for a certain amount of time and then automatically deactivate? Whenever I try to set this up, it never works as intended. Say I want to bind the square button to a button on my keyboard, when I set the deactivation delay to anything (say 500 ms) it doesn't remain active.

What am I doing wrong to have something behave this way? I basically want to have my square button remain active with one button press for a determined amount of time. Can someone help me?

I know there has been some Walk features released, but is there an option to toggle Walk on or off without holding down the button? I ask because there aren't many button options that allow you to keep 3 fingers on WAD. Sprint for L shift. I use PTT on Caps Lock. Tab does Tab stuff. Ctrl is my crouch.

Feedback / Update forums?
« on: 12:29 AM - 01/22/19 »
I know it's probably not a priority or even a thought, but an update to the forums would be cool. Maybe a notification system where you get an alert if someone posts in your thread, someone quotes your post, or a thread you've posted in gets a reply.

I'm using firmware and manager 20181109

When I copy an old config I made using the Generic translators back in July 2018, I get an error when I paste them into Generic configs now. I have tested 2 different Generic configs I made back then and now I get errors. Thing is though, when I close manager and then relaunch it, the name of the config that I pasted saves and shows up first thing when I launch even though it isn't a startup config. The name and color of the config save, but nothing else. i.e. keybindings, curves, etc. Is this something that has already been reported?

XIM APEX Discussions / Anyone using the G203 these days?
« on: 12:06 AM - 11/15/18 »
Going to be going from a Zowie FK1 to G203 as I hear the sensor of the G203 is great. It being super cheap is also a plus. I hear there was some kind of acceleration issue that was introduced when they ramped up the DPI from 6000 to 8000. Is there an update on that?

Hey folks,

We wanted to get ahead of this early and let you all know what to expect with our next big patch. We don’t currently have a release date/time with this, but will update this thread once we do.

The next major patch will have some pretty fundamental changes to the game client. The number of back-end changes we’re putting in is substantial enough that we can’t just patch over the current content efficiently. As a result, when the next patch comes out, the client will fully reinstall itself to handle these changes. We know that this isn’t ideal for people on metered connections, so hopefully this announcement helps you prepare for this coming update.

Thanks for your patience with this matter, and we’ll see you all in game!

Apparently this is for console as well. Wonder if any kind of digital input prevention will be put into place.


Should be very interesting when people try to figure out all of this now

Updated aim assist to improve precision when tracking targets
An option to revert to the previous aim assist settings can now be found under Options > Aim Assist Legacy Mode
An option to smooth out the strength of aim assist when closing in on a target can now be found under Advanced Options > Aim Assist Ease

"Developer Comments: We’ve reworked how our aim assist algorithm works on console to make the controls more intuitive and to improve gameplay. Previously, aim assist worked in two ways. First, we slowed down your aim to allow more precision when tracking a target. Second, we automatically adjusted your crosshairs in the direction the target is moving around you, to make up for the lower sensitivity. Now, we incorporate how you are currently turning with the aim stick when determining how the enemy is moving relative to yourself. In practice, this means if you are perfectly tracking a target aim assist will not activate.

We’ve also improved aim assist's target selection to reduce instances where your aim could be pulled away from your focused target if another enemy crossed your path. The new Aim Assist Ease In setting allows the aim assist system to ramp up its strength as you get closer to your target, producing less jarring sensitivity changes

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