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If like me you are having trouble to find and download Battlefield 2042 Beta PS4 version on your PS5, because it doesn't show it on PS Store, follow the next steps:

1. Log in to PlayStation Network from a PC/Tablet web browser, go to PS Store and you can add Battlefield 2042 Beta PS4 version to your library.

2. Turn on your PS5 and download the Beta from the library.

Have fun!  ;D

-You can buy the PS4 version of the game from there too.

Find out How Effective is your Audio for Gaming

So, you got a new pair of headphones or nice DAC, Amp, the newest MixAmp, Audio dongle or Gaming Wireless headset etc, and want to know how really effective is for gaming on:
+ Localize sound sources (directional imaging),
+ Footsteps detection (midrange and treble performance)
+ Immersive "surround" performance (wide sound-stage) or not (narrow sound-stage)

Why good audio is important on Gaming.
As gamers we put attention on audio due the fact: human brain reacts 3x faster to sound than visuals is not only for good audio quality, we want all the advantage we can get, right?. Good positional audio is a legit wall-hack.

While testing on your favorite game is recommended, can be very inconsistent; is always good to have a generic test as a frame of reference.

Below, I have compiled some demos that will test the performance of your audio gear for gaming.  8)

TIP: For this demo, close your eyes and open it after the sound is fading away.
Imaging Directional Accuracy: - Link

How accurate your audio is to ping point sound-sources, how good you can hear your enemies position: front, behind, at 45°, 360° and distance.

Put "Surround 7.1" to test, play it with and without surround. Realize how well you can do without it and the advantage of stereo imaging specially on competitive gaming.  ;)

High and Low Height Changes: - Link

How dead-on you hear sound cues above and below of your position.
* only very good headphones/DAC/amps perform well.

Sound-stage and Layering: - Link

This test shows your audio gear ability to handle high and low sounds, positions and very crowded scenarios like in the middle of a battlefield with many things going on around you, yet how well you can distinguish and track each of it (layering)
- only TOP headphones/DAC/amps performs well, your visual guide will match with what you are tracking by hearing.

On not up to par audio gear everything sounds mess up, mixed and clamp, pretty hard to distingish. On artificial audio positional doesn't match with visuals indicators.

That's it!,  ;D I hope you find this article/guide helpful. Please leave a like on the videos, their creators deserved it.

Have a Blast!  ;D 8)

Plus clip:
Check this gameplay audio from Squad very realistic recordings, to appreciate or audio gaming fidelity ;)

This is a copy from our gaming audio threat where you can find more info about Headphones, Audio Gear, etc discuss your questions, share and interact with our gaming audiophile community.  ;)

Hardware Compatbility / USB Switch 3.0?
« on: 06:26 PM - 04/29/21 »
Hi guys!

Well, my XBoX Series X finally arrived. I'm getting an USB Switch to use my XIM Apex + T2 on both consoles.

However, in Mexico there isn't many options.

I researched, this one seems to be big favorite on the XIM Community:
IOGEAR 2x4 USB 2.0 Peripheral Sharing Switch, GUS402

$35 USD *back order*

A bit cheaper I can get a updated:
UGREEN 4 - 3.0 Switch 2x4 USB 3.0 KVM
$33 USD which is available.

Or the USB 2.0 version for $25.

I mean, I'm ok with spending extra for the right one, also waiting but I don't know if going USB 3.0 might be a requirement specially with current gen consoles and controllers, or can be incompatible with XIM.

Any other recommendation you have, please share.

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback :D

What's up guys?

CoD CW looks pretty good, I want to try it.

Question though, If you buy the Cross-next gen bundle (the one with PS4 and PS5 versions), if I play on PS5 it will only allow me to install the PS5 version?.

As you know, XIM Apex is not ready yet for PS5 with its controller. Only with PS4 controller that I assume requires PS4 version of the game.

Not sure if XIM Apex is going to support PS5 soon or at all, so yeah, should I go for the PS4 version?.

Does the Cross-next gen bundle version allows you to install CoDCW PS4 version on the PS5?

Full article link: Backward compatibility:PlayStation®4 games playable on PlayStation®5

PS4 games playable on PS5 consoles
The overwhelming majority of the 4,000+ PS4 games are playable on PS5 consoles.

Compatible controllers on PS5 consoles - XIM concerns
  • Specialty peripherals, such as officially licensed racing wheels, arcade sticks, and flight sticks, will work with PS5 games and supported PS4 games. -small window for XIM?-
  • For the best experience, use a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller when playing PS4 games and PS VR games on a PS5 console.
  • PS5 games are not compatible with the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller. -PS5 games are not compatible with XIM out of the box

As you can see, DS4 will work with PS4 games on PS5, but for PS5 games is uncertain and unlikely. I read some where about they are standardizing the use of Cross and Circle buttons for the Asia market where X was Cancel and O confirm turn it into X as Confirm and O as Cancel like the rest of the world, this might not be significant but it seems underlying a change of the way how inputs are handle on the next console.

This is me I'm not in the XIM Dev Team, and I hope I'm wrong but pretty sure we end up needing a new XIM for next gen. -please be wrong, alan-

Game Support / Rogue Company - [Recommended] Temporal ST
« on: 09:26 PM - 09/10/20 »
I got many messages asking for looking into this game and testing which ST works well with it.

Finally I got some spare time to run test with my measuring tools and servo arm, to test different movements and patterns.

The best ST is: Star Wars Battlefront 2015.

In-Game Settings:

Have Fun!

Hi fellow XIMers.

Last month I got a bad hand injury, so I have to redesign my gaming input, thanks to XIM I have options.

Well, I got a pair of Scythe Switch Pedals, however I need the software to configure it: LALA2.32, the link on Scythe site is broken; I contacted them, but no response yet.

I wonder if someone in the community by any chance use these pedals and has the software,
could you be kind to share it with me please?. Thanks  :) ;D
- OS: Windows 10

As we said in Mexico, I hope God or life pay you forward generously, with orgasms as a currency.

Well unfortunately, I had an accident last week I injured my hand requires surgery and who knows for how long takes to heal and recover.

Thanks to XIM I can WASD without pain, however I can't use my thumb it got shattered, which used to be my Jump and Reload finger.

So I looking into USB foot pedals,  can only get a singles Scythe; fragpedals has good reviews from the community but are not ship to Mexico, customs are closed too due this pandemic, the other ones available are overpriced chinese plastic USB swtiches, but I won't see myself buying those...  ::)

Anyways so, I'm wondering if XIM can read the G29 pedals as a joystick buttons (just like PS3 Nav) so I can use those alternately Then if I want to play driving games just plug G29 directly to my PS4.

Any other idea or suggestion is very welcome.

Just the title says, is 100% compatible. even its on-board macros and different profiles. No problems not visible jitter, no detectable smoothing, stable 1000Hz polling rate.

Improved Aim Assist Demo.

All right, a combination of a high request and my wife convincing voice, I going to share with you this method.

First, I want to clarify: what it is, what it does and does not.

What it is:
Is an alternative(unsupported/conventional) way to setup your XIM and your game to combat stubborn, invasive, janky aim assist bubble, without using curves or disable AA. This method is meant to give you better control of your aim (more like on PC) allowing you to lead shoots and snap into targets smoothly while having helpful aim assist.

You still have 1:1 tracking, be able to get in and cut through the aim assist bubble (hitbox) easier, you can snap into targets and have full control to fine tune your aim doing micro corrections, like locking in to the torso then aiming to the head. The aim assist slowdown (gravity) will be very subtle and present, but not overpowered.

What is it for?:
Some games, has a very powerful aim assist bubble combined with things like: bad ping, netcode, poor server thick rate, it can be a major hindrance because aim assist keeps making your shoots land on a hitbox that is not there anymore. XIM players are in particular affected by it because mouse emulation (micro aim) are not optimized for aim assist bubbles algorithms which are design for analog sticks, these have no micro movement and are able to break through the aim assist bubble (gravity) with ease.

I find out others mouse adapters do not present this problem on a scale as aggravating as on XIM, that caught my attention, to look it more closely on how these devices worked and its differences with XIM.

For Advanced Users This Setup requires advance knowledge on the device, have the Expert Options available.

Test Bench
Consoles: Two PS4, a few mouse adapters (Hori Tac Pro, Titan Two, XIM4, VenomX, XIM Apex).
The game: I focused was Star Wars Battlefront II game, I know very well, it has a very overpower aim assist with XIM, janky, really hard to cut-through and even controller users struggle combined with the bad hit detection, server tickrate and netcode of the game. Also tried this method on Battlefield 1 and V, successfully.

I spent many hours on a 1v1 match taking different test like getting in and out of a hitbox, moving through the hitbox (head to toe) getting out of the hit-box, I took measurements of the mouse distance required to move inside of the aim assist bubble, try different devices and I find a quirk some mouse translators has, that will be explain next.

What this method IS NOT:
  • Is NOT an Aim-Bot.
  • It doesn't increase aim assist, by the contrary improves AA by making it weaker but still helpful.

Alan McGregor Improved Aim Assist.
Mouse Settings
Mouse DPI:
Use whatever you are comfortable, as you might know lower DPI gives you more aim assist kept that in mind.
My preferred is: 4000 DPI

Mouse Polling Rate:
1000Hz is recommended or 500Hz.

XIM Setup
Sync: OFF(recommended) also works for Default.

Common and Low are not supported, these adds AA strength in some games.

Smoothing (if Sync = OFF)
Go with whatever value doesn't give you any jitter.
For me is: mouse (4000 DPI / 1000Hz) and XIM (Sync OFF / 1000Hz) is: 5

Response Rate
1000Hz is recommended, 500Hz works well too.
You can go low as 125Hz but it will feel more muddy.

Now, here is the trick:
For ADS we are not using the ADS ST, use the HIP ST instead at your ADS sub-config.
Then increase the ADS sensitivity as needed to match your previous setup.

Use the HIP Translator instead of ADS Translator in your ADS Sub-config.

if you ADS sensitivity was a half of HIP,
then you have to set your new ADS sensitivity (with HIP ST) to the double.

HIP = 88, ADS was 56, now HIP = 88, your new ADS sensitivity should be 112 = (56x2) with the HIP Smart Translator on the ADS sub-config.

In-Game Setup
Now, we are going to setup our game differently than XIM recommended settings, specifically our Zoom Sensitivity in HALF.

If your game has a 200 value slider, and XIM recommended settings specify set up to 200, you have to set it to 100. If it's 100 go 50, etc.

Why are we using HIP translator on the ADS sub-config
What I find out by using the others mouse adapters, those doesn't have any different aim translating process for ADS, they use only one mouse translator for both aiming types, this is no optimal and that's why XIM is superior on precision. However on XIM when we change between HIP ST to ADS ST some aim assist algorithms gets confuse by this behavior, some aim stutter pops up, or janky behavior and the feeling of a increased magnetic effect of the aim assist. And that's why the other adapters seems to be less affected by it.

All this workaround: using HIP ST on ADS sub-config with double sensitivity and half Zoom in-game sensitivity helps to remove or abate this issue by recreating that single ST behavior, additional Steady Aim might be required.

-At this point-
Janky aim assist, that has a very strong gravity which doesn't allows you to move inside of the hitbox, should be gone.  ;D 8)

Optional step: Adding Steady Aim for more control
Now, if your game's aim assist still feels strong/overtaking, for a smooth and easier way to get in and cut-through the aim assist bubble, start to add Steady Aim, one value at time until you have more control in your microaim without present floatiness. This on the ADS subconfig with the HIP ST on.

Some games no need it, others a high as 3.0. You have to figured it by yourself.

And that's it!, as I mention before I tried on Battlefront II, Battlefield 1, Battlefield V also Fortnite and Overwatch. Please share your settings if you have success on other games.

I hope this works for you too!  ;)

Complementary Videos:
How to use Steady Aim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_xhQhbHpyI -by Od1n

If you find this info helpful and want to invite me a coffee
it will be appreciated by the time and effort I spent on this, which my woman complains a lot hehe.

Take care! and GG's

Game Support / About Red Dead Redemption 2 new ST
« on: 06:22 PM - 09/26/19 »
Just to say: Thank You mist4fun and OBsIV.

Great work! better than before, finally start to use XIM with this game and feel comfortable.  ;D

XIM APEX Discussions / EC2-A/B lightweight option
« on: 11:38 AM - 09/19/19 »
For those who prefers Zowies EC2-A/B shape, there is a Mice with top sensor, lightweight  and paracord cable.

From G-Wolves


I just got it and is 100% compatible with XIM

General Discussion / Quick Tip for XIM Users.
« on: 12:32 PM - 08/23/19 »
If you use your XIM only, and your controller a side like an ornament getting dust. This is not good for your XIM, it can mess you up:
- Dust getting inside of the sticks, will potentially bring unexpected drift.
- lying the controller over the triggers can mess XIM input.

So I suggest to put your controller in a stand and cover around the stick base.

To avoid miss activation due pressed buttons, check this practical stand you can make yourself.

I had been playing this game since launch.

Recently it made a comeback its current player base is as high as launch, even shroud is playing again. Currently is on Sale for $8.

This game has a very unfriendly aim assist, like BO4 or worse. However I put the work on fixing it and I did it.  :)

I'm wondering if is worth to make a thread about it, if only a hand full of XIMers play this game.

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