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Shared Configs / PUBG 2021
« on: 02:07 PM - 02/24/21 »

24000 DPI 1000hz



HIP 1,60
ADS 1,26


1X : 20
2X : 20
3X: 20
4X: 8
6X: 8
8X: 8

>>> XIM APEX [MeteoroBr] START COPY >>>


Is there a way to accurately measure the delay in milliseconds for the ADS?

If I use the ADS translator for HIP, wouldn't there be a need for delay?

If MS hasn't changed the controller polling rate, why is new firmware needed for the Xbox Series X?

Beta / Which controller should I use on the XSX?
« on: 11:02 AM - 11/26/20 »
Should I use my ELITE 2 controller or the new controller that came with the console with Xim Apex on the Xbox Series X? Is there a difference in terms of performance / stability between using one or the other?

XIM APEX Discussions / XSX controller vs old controller
« on: 09:40 AM - 11/11/20 »
I'm very curious about the changes to the new Xbox Series X controller.

Any changes in latency?

Has the polling rate been changed?

It would be very nice if you could clarify these issues a little for us.

Something must have changed if there is a need for new firmware for Xim Apex compatibility. ;)


Sony is confirming today that its existing PS4 controller will not work with PS5 games. “We believe that PS5 games should take advantage of the new capabilities and features we're bringing to the platform, including the features of DualSense wireless controller,” says Sony in a statement confirming the company's plans. :-

https://www.theverge.com/2020/8/3/21352382/sony-ps5-playstation-4-controllers-new-ps4-support-games :)

I read on a website today that the new xbox Series X controller will operate at 500hz (DLI). Is this good for Xim Apex?

General Discussion / Elite 2 Controller polling rate ?
« on: 08:26 AM - 03/11/20 »
Can anyone tell me if there was any change in the polling rate of the Elite 2 Controller?

In general, it seems much more responsible.

I know that the standard Xbox controller operates at 125Hz, the Elite 2 controller looks much smoother.

There must have been some change, because after its release, a new Xim Apex firmware was needed to make it compatible.

I am grateful if anyone can answer my question.

Game Support / CPU USAGE.
« on: 10:14 AM - 01/10/20 »
Guys, I did an experiment that I would like to share with you.

 On my xbox I have xim apex, mixamp and an SSD plugged into the Xbox One X's usb ports.

I figured that with the Xim Apex set to 500hz there was a heavy console CPU consumption.

So I reduced it to 125hz and removed the Mixamp and SSD from the USB ports, so there was a load relief and a possible reduction in processor usage.

It may be placebo, but PUBG seemed to have far fewer frame drops in close combat.

Gambling feels generally more fluid and responsive.

Since the console expects to receive 125hz which is the working frequency of the original XBOX controller, I believe there should be a slightly higher CPU consumption increase due to xim apex working at 500hz.

I will continue to test to see if it is actually placebo or if there was actually a performance improvement of the console with lower bandwidth consumption of USB ports.

Game Support / SAB - Zero or off?
« on: 12:28 PM - 01/07/20 »
I always had this doubt.

What is the difference between assigning zero for SAB in ADS mode or off?

SAB set to zero adds smoothing?

In hip fire there is no attempt to make a difference, but I believe that the aiming behavior will have a significant difference in ADS mode due to this parameter (SAB).

It would be interesting to develop this question.

Game Support / PUBG Settings - MeteoroBR 2020
« on: 03:12 PM - 12/27/19 »
Mouse 4.000 DPI 1000hz.
Xim Apex 500hz.

HIP 4.80
ADS 6.96

Movement 100
 Vertical 143.
Deadzones 10.
4x 10
6x 08
8x 06

No curves.
No boots.
No steady sim.

>>> XIM APEX [MeteoroBR❤💜💜🧡] START COPY >>>

General Discussion / 1000hz and CPU ...
« on: 10:38 AM - 11/19/19 »

On PC when using 1000hz mouse polling rate, it means more CPU consumption. In the console there is this difference? Does 1000hz on Xim Apex consume more Xbox CPU than control at 125hz?

Game Support / Modern Warfare on PC?
« on: 08:38 AM - 11/10/19 »
Ask me a question guys. If I use XIM APEX on PC do I enter console servers? Or just on PC servers against native mouse and keyboard players?

Technical Support / [Q/A] Manager 20180528
« on: 10:41 AM - 10/19/19 »
I am using the latest firmware 20190719 with the latest manager. Just play PUBG.

I noticed that leaving SAB at zero adds input lag that hinders accuracy

 However, when I turn off the SAB, the xim does not randomly register the movements on the keyboard.

Has this bug been reported?

I would like to go back to the previous firmware but can't find the manager 20180528 to download?

 Can someone please send me a link?

In the previous firmware version (501) this did not happen.

Something has changed in XBOX that is hindering Xim Apex authenticating the controller.

Every time the console is restarted (cold start) Xim Apex cannot authenticate the controller.

You need to remove Xim Apex from the USB port and reconnect in several attempts until it works.

The controller vibrates and does not authenticate.

I noticed that several users are also having this problem.

In my case I thought it might be a bug coming from Xbox Insider, but I deleted my account and formatted the console and the problems continue. In my case I have a good ANKER usb cable and use a power source within specifications.

I also have two controllers and two Xim Apex so I know it's not a problem with the controllers, with the micro-usb or power cables. Thanks if you can help me.

 I am using the latest firmare (719) and the latest version of manager (719) on Xbox One X.

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