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Game Support / COD IW Jump Shots !
« on: 01:00 AM - 05/23/17 »
Hi team ,
I am finding it very difficult to land my shots while in the Air (jumping / thrusting). I feel like pressing space bar for jump takes out quite a lot of my reaction time.

Is it just me ? or do you guys use different keyboard bindings for COD IW ? any good button layout which you recommend i should try out ?

Hardware Compatibility / A4Tech Bloody V7
« on: 02:21 AM - 03/15/17 »
Is the A4tech V7 or V8 compatible with the Xim 4 ? I already have a G502, but my cousin is on a budget and these A4techs are available here locally.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Cronusmax Plus + Xim 4
« on: 05:15 AM - 03/14/17 »
I am quite satisfied with my Xim 4. But i still want something to play around with. Last time i heard that CM + and Xim 4 were having issues together, is it still the case ? or the issues are resolved ?

I can get a CM+ for cheap locally. Just wanted to check with people if both of these devices are working together

Hi Team ,
Been using xim 4 for 6 months now and it has been a pleasant experience. My setup includes a PS4 / G502 Mouse and CM Storm Trigger.

The key board in discussion was working fine but 2 days back it suddenly stopped working. Now it just lits up when connecting to the xim 4. In the Xim 4 manager the keyboard is displayed as "Hub" of some sort (check attached picture link) .Also when the keyboard is connected to the xim 4 , what ever the key i press xim 4 manager displays " K - Pause "

The keyboard works fine with connected with my laptop. Can anyone please help me out here ?


Game Support / Titanfall 2
« on: 12:45 AM - 10/25/16 »
Hi XIM Team,

Is there any support being considered for Titan Fall 2 ? . I loved the 1st one (though i don`t have an xb1). How was the support on the 1st Titan Fall ? I am quite sure that pilot movements would be just fine with the xim 4 , though i dunno how the Titan would feel.

Can someone please if there are plans for a TF2 ST (TF2 is releasing on Friday)? Also how did the 1st one felt with the Xim 4 ?

Hardware Compatibility / A4 Tech Mechanical Keyboards
« on: 02:37 PM - 09/18/16 »
Hi  ,
Just wanted to reconfirm if the following keyboard is compatible with the xim4


i am getting a pretty good deal on this

XIM 4 Discussions / Aim Going Upwards
« on: 03:39 AM - 09/10/16 »
Hi Team ,
Just got this device. Have the g502 mouse(at 12k DPI) and K120 Logitech Keyboard. I am using all the stock config (that came for destiny) with the device

Now my cursor is going upwards. Its like when the character is idle the cursor is going upwards. Is there any thing i should set up to mitigate this

looking forwards for some help to this

General Discussion / Destiny - Is the Xim 4 for me ?
« on: 09:33 PM - 08/09/16 »
Hi Team ,
Newbie signing in ! . I have been browsing the forums for a week now and have a basic understanding of the product and its usage / benefits etc.

I am an avid player of Destiny since its start (on PS4). I only play PVP in the game, to some extent competitively in games. I am a pretty good player with an Average Kd of 1.75. My primary and Sniping game is on point (i feel).

Now i feel like i have hit a wall , i can solo pub stomp players but when faced with some players from the top 500 or so , i get demolished. So how their snipes / angles feel like impossible to replicate using the default DS4 controller , do the top players use kd/mouse ?

I used to play a lot of CS back when i had a PC. I feel like i will have an edge over the competition if go with the Xim 4 route ?

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