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Hi all,

I was wondering how the new Overwatch controller settings are going to affect the Xim4. It is highly likely that the fix/patch will come to consoles soon. I started this topic because I am curious how many people are also curious about the changes.

From the PTR patchnotes, we can gather the following:

Dual-Zone mode (New default): The vast majority of the thumbstick's range moves with reduced sensitivity and relatively high acceleration. However, when the thumbstick crosses to the outer 10% of its range, it will move with high sensitivity and relatively low acceleration. This mode will allow for more precise aiming, while still allowing players to turn around quickly.

With this new default, the way I see it, we would like the Xim4 to translate all mouse movement into the high sensitivity / low acceleration domain of the stick, i.e. the outer 10%. Am I seeing this right? What would this look in a curve?

I am wondering who else have given this any thought. Maybe even PC players who have acces to the PTR? Please let me know.

Hi everyone,

First post here. I bought a cheap USB numerical pad (Ewent EW3102) to use with my XIM4 in stead of my big keyboard (Logitech Y-U0004). With the big keyboard, I binded all movement keys to the numpad (with NUM LOCK on) and it worked fine. The 5 was registered as KPad5.
With this numerical keyboard however, it doesn't. When I monitor the app, it appears to be sending a KPadNum signal after every button I push. Even though I didn't bind anything to that button, it appears to repeat the signal that I entered before that. Example: In the overwatch menu, when I press KPad5, it goes down once, then a few more times while the app is showing "KPadNum".

I can also try binding keys with the NUM LOCK off, but then the 5 isn't working. It's not assigned to anything, unlike most of the other buttons. This prevents me from using the numpad in a ASDW manner.

I'm using the latest firmware. Could this be a case of crappy firmware on a cheap device?

These are my button bindings:
>>> XIM4 [Buttons] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

I hope you can help. Otherwise, this device can be marked as non-compatible.

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