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XIM 4 Discussions / Turning issues
« on: 09:42 PM - 02/09/22 »
On apex legends, my WASD on keyboard is very clunky compared to xim apex. Unfortunately, on apex legends, I get way better AA and feel with xim4 but I canít move diagonal/feel like only my keys work individual and not together. (WA, WD)

I also noticed when I spam click on semi auto, pistols and prowler, if I click my mouse to fast I get dead shots and then my gun stops shooting even though there is ammo. Itís like you can only click x amount of times per every few seconds or it just stops registering.

General Discussion / Quietest gaming keyboard?
« on: 12:12 PM - 11/18/21 »
So far Iíve gone through a

Razer huntsman elite,
Logitech g pro mini.

Looking for something that is quiet so my stream/people donít hear my keyboard. Iím very open and honest with it, but my room is basically empty with hardwood so thereís tons of echo.

Thanks in advanced!

General Discussion / Can I copy xim4 st to xim apex?
« on: 07:11 AM - 09/19/21 »
Hi everyone,

Iím having issues with my xim4. I currently play apex legends on Xbox. My WASD keys arenít really responsive. I have to double hit W to get to run (intermittently) and It isnít as responsive as the xim apex. Like Iím able to get diagonal slides and movement with the apex as opposed to the xim4. However, with the xim4 my aim is insane. I hit everything, literally itís disgusting, but I lack that same feeling on my xim apex which is a huge disappointment.

Xim apex is latest update with Xbox 1.1 ST

manager 71001
Firmware 20023

I was wondering if anyone else was having an issue with their console gameplay.

I have been playing on PC lobbies on my Xbox with a few of my buddies.
I am an ABSOLUTE laser! The AA, the bubble, everything. 4ks and 20 bombs literally back to back.

I hop back onto Xbox/Sony lobbies and get destroyed. Itís literally a different look mechanic/aim. Why is this? Has anyone else had these issues or seen the difference? Now all I want to do is play on PC lobbies instead. I feel like controller has more of an advantage with some of the higher tier players.

XIM APEX Discussions / All Logitech HERO sensors
« on: 11:16 PM - 09/16/20 »
Thereís a new update for all G mice with the HERO sensor that allows up to 25000 DPI! Thatís right 25000! This is my last shift working 8 straight so I plan to download this via the ghub software.

My concern is, I already play on like 3.4 for sensitivity on certain games w/ 16k. How will this work with apex with 25000 dpi. Eventually itís gonna 10ths of a point for hip/ads

General Discussion / Sony vs xbox
« on: 02:56 AM - 09/14/20 »
Please give input based off experiences with BOTH consoles. I used to run Sony back with ps2 but since then have been on Xbox. Just curious to see opinions.

Game Support / Issues with sprint in Apex Legends?
« on: 12:17 AM - 09/02/20 »
Upon playing apex legends I noticed that thereís like a sprint glitch where it doesnít register my w key at times. Is this a bug only in the newest firmware?

So I just wanted to start off by saying Iíve gone extensively through old forums, mainly RMLís since after all his curves and advice led me to be top 500 in destiny ToO year one. Now I understand that this is apex.

I went out and purchased me a xim4 that I found for a great deal. I was curious nonetheless something just felt ďoffĒ with my apex. The recoil was hard to control, the swaying horizontally during ADS, even with an anti-recoil sub config. I plugged in the xim4 and my god did I shred. 3.1k game, 2.8k game 2.2k game and so forth. So it got me thinking why does xim4 feel smoother when itís only at 125hz? I track better, recoil is next to none, and it feels like a true 1:1 without all this extra crap. The only thing itís lacking IMO is SAB. Moving forward onto settings.

Default sync @ 16k dpi w/ 6.33 hip/ads (default uses old xim4 behavior, I was running off)
Anti recoil same as above plus 1.3 on x/y ratio.
NO curves.
Smoothing 0 (needs to be 0 to be off)
Boost 0(same applies)
All DZ in xim apex to 0.
SAB 40%(this actually changes how AA is behaved, I strongly suggest you go into Firing range and test out what it feels like to use ur controller analog stick for movement and then a mouse, feels much better than keyboard, so this is a MUST)


dz off, classic curve.

top two max for both hip and ads.
Rest is on 0.

Keep it simple, if it feels a little off, switch just the xim to 125hz and keep the mouse at 1000(I canít tell which I like better as this feels much more identical to xim4)

GT: Riskyyshot

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Logitech g pro
« on: 04:25 PM - 08/29/20 »
Anyone have issues using this! I updated my firmware to latest but I still have no mouse movement. Upon plugging in my xim4 my controller doesnít automatically turn on, but I feel the vibration of the controller so I know there is power and inside the app it shows the controller is plugged in?

Hardware Compatbility / G pro not working
« on: 02:30 PM - 08/29/20 »
I updated the firmware on my xim4 to the newest firmware. My g pro isnít working. All devices are showing up on the xim4 manager. Any suggestions?

Shared Configs / Apex legends settings.
« on: 01:27 PM - 05/03/20 »
Hi everyone,

After lots of trial and error I can finally say I'm ready to post my settings! These are mixed with some of youtube and discussion boards posted. I found these to work the best.

Logitech g Pro - 16k DPI (Courtesy to Maria)
PS4 AND Xbox ST! (Apex servers are SH!*t some days you can beam other days something is just off, so alternate!!)

Hip/Ads - BOTH 9.40 Default, though common has super strong AA I've found it difficult to get into and out of the bubble smoothly.
No curve. ***when things feel off between both of the ST's I change the curve to 68 horizontal, 100 vertical***
Smoothing 0
X/Y 1.6 for both (recoil) Also on Hip the AA is super strong
SA 2.4
SAB off

FOV 86 (Tourettes thread) - can validate makes or breaks using anything else is invalid
Dz 2 clicks L. Everything else is the same as stated in forums between Maria, Tourettes, Disable.

GT: Riskyyshot P1 started playing a few weeks ago. Always looking for solid teams!
Mouse: G Pro
Keyboard: Razer Huntsman elite
Pad: corsair mx8800
Monitor: MSI 144hz 1ms curve 24" **MAG24CP**

« on: 09:52 PM - 07/10/16 »
Okay, so I had a g502 with 12k DPI, 30 hip and 11.25 ads. With my own curves the ads was perfect but I didn't like the g502 now I have a corsair m65 at 8200 dpi and I can't seem to hit the perfect ads. Please helppppp I love the feel of this mouse

XIM 4 Discussions / New XIM4 user XBOX1 primarily Destiny
« on: 06:06 PM - 06/28/16 »
Hi guys! I'm a huge competitor in FPS games, currently after purchasing the elite controller I've recently came across the XIM4. Now I've done extensive research on the XIM4 to get the most knowledge I could about the product itself. As a former PC gamer I am already in love. But I do have a few concerns and questions.

1. Anyone here play destiny with the XIM4? How does it handle? What's a preferable setup?
2. I like a low in game sensitivity for more accurate shots and good placement, if someone snuck up behind me I already messed up, so I'm nervous about the 180s and the "lofty" turns and aim assist in destiny.
3. Any good settings to preference? I will probably go with a Logitech g502, or a corsair m65 PRO (IF they actually updated it and the mouse can be used now)
4. What's the ratio to DPI to sensitivity on destiny???

My GT: r1skyShot
1778 ELO (trials sweaty here) lol still not the best though
Any input advice: for a smooth setup with the XIM4 would be greatly appreciated. I see it can be very in depth with the settings.

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