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Hey guys

Im looking for a small USB Hub with (3-4 Ports) with a external electric port.

Do you know any device that have this?
I only found the new TP-Link USB 3.0 Hub but its to big!


Hello devs

a few days ago i studied abit the input translation to the ps4 and there is already a official mouse and keyboard support for games such as final fantasy 14 online and it seems to be working really fine.

Is it maybe possible to create a function that allows the xim4 to act only as regular keyboard and mouse so we can use the keyboard to message other peoples in the main psn menu?

Maybe you could do it as profile only that can be loaded when needed to text peoples.

If i connect a keyboard direct to the ps4 in Final fantasy its working but in the psn menu not any ideas why this is?

Greets and thanks for your support.

Hello Guys

As i announced it already on monday i will be releasing now a genji config for the XIM4 optimized in every way for everyone!

#Im very proud to present you the new g3njicpl config what is very special on this config is that you are needing 2 Configs to make it work fine ill explain you guys now exactly how you have to set it up (maybe later on i gonna release a tutorial video on YouTube as well.

#Since im not really a hard genji player i sadly dont have any gameplay videos now but if anyone from the community got some sick plays feel always free to send me them ill put them here then.

#The two parts of the config are made usually for a main config and a ult config if you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread!

#Feel free to give any improves or tipps this is meant to be shared for all xim4 users in the world.

#Now to the facts of this config:

#Its very important that you set the aim assist on genji to 0!

#Be sure that after you used your genji ult always press one more time the Button Q so you get back to the main config!

#On Q is a config switch makro you can anytime set it on another button on the left top corner in your xim config!

#Before you start to play completely close the XIM4 Manager otherwise the switch makros wont work!


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [g3njicpl ] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<


Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Ultg3njicpl ] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

#My Equipment

#Logitech G410 Keyboard
#ZOWIE P-SR Mousepad

#My Settings:

#3200 dpi
#1000 tickrate

#My Overwatch Settings:

#Sensitivity on max 100/100
#Aim Assist 0 (Very Important to have the right movement in the almost same fast way as on pc)

I hope you guys will be happy with it if the sensitivy is to fast for you on the main config of g3njicpl you have 2 ways to make it fit better for you.

First: increase the Aim assist slightly (yes it will have a huge effect)
Second: decrease the Sensitivity in your g3njicpl config.

This should make it fit for everyone for more support just ask in this thread :)

Greets and have fun!
Let the genji battle begin!

XIM 4 Discussions / What? Mouse and Keyboard without XIM4?
« on: 10:06 AM - 11/18/16 »
Hey guys

I just found this today:


What you think about it and do you think its on the level of a xim4?


Hello Guys

As the threads says im looking for a awesome gaming monitor for my new ps 4 pro so i can also play on native 4K on my XIM and dont need to plug it on to my 4K TV in my living room.

Im considering to buy a second PS 4 Pro but i feel its waste of money.
Rather im going better for a new 4K IPS Monitor.

Ive already watched alot of the setups have anyone an idea when the new 4K Monitors gonna release?
Its already 8 Months ago since the last one released.

The money doesnt matter i pay up to 1500 if needed.
My Prefs for the Rig is:

1 - 4 ms reaction time gtg
HDR support
HDCP 2.2
34 Inch

Give me some tipps :)

Game Support / Cant flash my xim4 with the beta firmware
« on: 09:28 AM - 11/10/16 »
Hello Guys

I cant flash my xim4 with the new ps 4 pro and the beta firmware.
It always says cant find my device.

Ive reinstalled windows 8.1 cause im usually a Linux user just to flash the firmware.
Any suggestions i already press the P button and plug it in while im pressinging it.

I apprecciate any help im not completely new in flashing firmwares i already flashed the steadyaim1.exe without any issues.

Thank you for your further help guys!

Hey guys im rank 1 Widowmaker in competitive on console (PS4) and would like to share you all my gameplays and clips to help yourself improve your widow gameplay.

If you like my Videos leave me a sub because i upload new clips everyday.
For any Questions about my Config please post here: http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=48674.0

Hey guys

*UPDATE 12.05.2017*

For the newest configs and tipps and tricks check out my YouTube Channel.

Or the newest video how to create your perfect config:

*UPDATE 10.12.2016*

The end of your waiting has come heres my actual config im going really crazy with.
Yes guys its the end of Curves in the ADS Scoped in Version!
Please Note the Config is still in progress to be optimized but i cant tell you a time of it cause im really happy with it right now and im maining Sombra instead of Widowmaker.

Greets and have fun!

Maybe i gonna do another YouTube Tutorial Video will see if i find time.

#cplw1dow pr3cision

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [cplw1dow pr3cision] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

*UPDATE 25.10.2016*

Please go on YouTube for the cplw1dow 2.0

#Beam1mpact and me are very proud to present you the best possible widowmaker config.
#Im using the firmware 20160624-Steadyaim1.exe

#We worked on it around 2 weeks finally ive found my perfect settings i got like every 1-2 Games PotG easily the accuracy is straight on around 50-60% what is really impressive if you check the overall Widow Accuracy in the world. (38%)

#Feel free to give any improves or tipps this is meant to be shared for all xim4 users in the world.

#Check out this Videos:


#cplw1dow config:

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [cplw1dow] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

#My Equipment

#Logitech G410 Keyboard
#ZOWIE P-SR Mousepad

#My Settings: (Logitech Software)

#3200 dpi
#1000 tickrate
#default mousepad Logitech settings

#My Overwatch Settings:

#Sensitivity on max 100/100
#Aim Assist 100
#Widow Sensitivity 100 (This is very important otherwise you wont be able to score reflex headshots!)

#Xim4 Hip Settings:

#Sensitivity 35.0
#henrylibre curve (to be allowed to turn fast with a quite low sens in hip fire state)
#Steady Aim ON
#Boost: 80
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>


<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

#ADS Xim4 Settings:

#Sensitivity 12.50
#henrylibre curve as well (to be able to do reflex shots)
#Steady Aim ON
#Boost: 0

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>


<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Enjoy guys i really tell you if u practice with it a few hours you will already feel this config!

Technical Support / [Q/A] Mouse sometimes stuck
« on: 01:26 PM - 08/25/16 »
hey guys

When im using my Xim4 with the Logitech G502 sometimes the mouse stucks mostly when i move from left to right or right to left. This is happening in every game.

The xim isnt blinking red when m doing this.

My Specs:


Keyboard: Logitech G410
Mouse: Logitech G502

3600 DPI
500 Hz
23.0 Sens hip

Can anyone help me?
I own a new Logitech Mousepad the big one.

Thanks for you help

greetings izzy

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