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Really curious about this.  I stopped using my XIM 4 a while ago because of cables being all over my desk and picked it back up now that i have a somewhat-decent cable managing system but part of the cables are still on my desk and it's bothering me again.  Has anyone done something for this?

just wondering what it woiuld be, i dont see anything with the logitech mouse

XIM 4 Discussions / Mouse sensitivity
« on: 11:33 AM - 06/18/16 »
I've been reading since before I got my xim4, and I've been wondering something...I know the xim's LED blinks when the mouse DPI is too fast, but does t matter even if it blinks? 

I was trying with Destiny last night and t was blinking all over the place, but it still worked fine.

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I'm fairly new to using the Xim4, i've been playing around with the settings, but don't quite yet understand everything.  I purchased a G502 mouse because of the idea of playing with it, but most of the guides I find to even see if I can manage don't use keyboards.....the ones I've found use a nav.  If I could get any help or a link to the right direction of profiles, i'd appreciate it

As the title says....Is there more than one specific version of the Xim 4?  I'm curious, because I was searching online and I found out about the Xim 4 today.  But when I do some searches, I see one with blue LED lights and another with red.

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