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Technical Support / [Q/A] Urgent please help
« on: 09:14 AM - 02/27/20 »
https://youtu.be/MjpRid8YctE    Please help LoL I don’t know what is wrong with my apex. I have the latest firmware beta , and then I went back to the previous firmware I got the same issue, my mouse is brand new g502 hero , my settings all is default
It’s really annoying and I can’t play anymore

XIM APEX Discussions / MW ADS Delay 224
« on: 04:53 AM - 02/21/20 »
good day all,

please help me with MW, i update the latest firmeware, and then i put the deactivation delay to 224 and i still can't ADS

please help

Beta / Please help
« on: 09:10 AM - 09/07/19 »
I can not download the latest xim manger when I hit download it said “download corrupted please try again” please help 

Game Support / Infinant warfare
« on: 06:39 AM - 09/11/18 »
Can anyone assist me on how to get stronger aim assist on infinant warfare ??
Dpi 3200
Hz 500
Sync common

And I still fell no aim assist
I use to play with 1000 hz

XIM APEX Discussions / Aim Assist
« on: 11:26 PM - 04/17/18 »

is anybody have a strong aim assist for Cod black ops 3

or can anybody show me how to do aim assist curve

Thank you.

Beta / XIM APEX Manager 20180402
« on: 12:26 AM - 04/07/18 »
So I Installed the latest Firmware and i also downloaded the manger, the thing is i don't want to pair Xim Apex on my phone, I need it on PC, so when I run manger for PC, I can not connect to Xim apex to change Sensitivity.

it keep saying Xim Apex is runing Wired, can you please let me know how to pair it through PC for the first time

also i have a bluetoth conncet to my PC, when i search for Xim4 Apex can't see it, even when i push the connect button


XIM 4 Discussions / XIM4+i-phone 7
« on: 05:18 AM - 09/19/17 »
Is there any way i can play games on my I-phone 7 through Xim4 ?

XIM 4 Discussions / question for BO3
« on: 10:01 AM - 01/11/17 »
Hello All,

so i decided to delete Aim down Sight and use HIp only, but when i hit right click is is too slow to move right and left, can anyone let me know how to make aim dosn sight look smoth without add a config 

Hardware Compatibility / sony gold wireless playstation 4
« on: 05:40 AM - 08/20/16 »

so i bought sony gold headset, and i play BO3 i want to hear foot steps, can anyone tell me how to do that

i'm using awareness perk too, also is VSS worth to change it

Hardware Compatibility / better mouse for BO3
« on: 06:43 AM - 08/14/16 »

can you tell me which is the better mouse for playing Bo3 with, and also i need a DPI button in the mouse i dont want to install a software to change DPI

Clan Clash / BO3 ps4 clan
« on: 09:30 AM - 08/12/16 »

XIM 4 Discussions / VMP Recoil BO3
« on: 12:54 AM - 08/08/16 »

my friend play with XIm4 when shot VMP i don't see any recoil, i asked him what is your Config he refused to tell me, does anyone know how he do that ? it is insane 

XIM 4 Discussions / Black ops 3
« on: 04:24 AM - 08/04/16 »
i'm using VMP alot 

please provide me with ADS delay (what number should i put)  and also i'm using steady aim and i can not see any difference my VMP have a lot of recoil

XIM 4 Discussions / copy and pase
« on: 09:56 AM - 07/24/16 »
can anyone help me how can i copy and pase codes for BO3 

i'm using Xim4


Clan Clash / uncharted 4
« on: 07:57 AM - 06/03/16 »
looking for uncharted 4 players on playstation 4

my PSN:jalalsami_87

anyone knows best Xim4 Config for this game ?

Thank you very much

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