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Technical Support / [ACTIVE] slow moves when downsight
« on: 04:13 AM - 10/24/18 »
Hi Team and Forum,

i have this problems and it is basically a pain cause it happens randomly.
Sometimes while im playing (i still have xim4 and i play destiny 2) mouse works perfectly, sometimes randomly, when downsight the mouse movements r really slow, like i cant turn or change target fast and i talk about targets not even super far from each others. it is like if the movements feels super heavy and slow, and only when in downsight, and problem is it happens absolutely random, 1 week it works perfectly then the problem occurs for hours then it is perfect again maybe the day after its bad again. i tried using mouse on other platforms and it works great, i tried changing mouse, im feeding the @#$% razer and logitech buying their mouse :( but i dont think it can be a mouse problems at all at this point .... any of u experienced this ? any solution ?

if u need to know i play on playstation 4, xim4 , mouse is a logitech 502 but i had the same problems on tons of razer mouse

please help ?

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 10:56 AM - 01/12/17 »
hi and sorry if there r already posts about this, but im experiencing this problem while playing destiny. keyboard and mouse keeps work right but the mouse's movement just stop to work, just movement, keyboard and mouse buttons works ok.
when this happen usually i have to move the mouse like a crazy bull and after few seconds it "unstuck" and keep working ok ... sometimes it happens frequetly and stuck repetedly in the same play session. im 100% ure its not a mouse problem cause if i plug the device anywhere else it works and this kind of problem never happen, just on xim.
anyone knows about this problem and how to fix it ? i summon u xim professional masters to help me in not breaking my arm and acting like a crazy idiot

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