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I just bought a new Ducky One 2 TKL keyboard. Before buying it, I made sure XIM was compatible with it. I searched the forum and found posts by other users saying the mini version of this keyboard (not my model specifically) was not working, but I also others commenting theirs worked right off the bat. For that reason, I pretty much said F it and bought it since I've wanted one for a while now. This specific keyboard is also not listed under the "NOT WORKING LIST" of this forum.

Unfortunately for me, the keyboard did not work with my XIM Apex when I plugged it.

Before buying this keyboard, I was using a Corsair STRAFE RGB which I had to put into BIOS Mode in order for it to work with the XIM. I searched on google to see if this keyboard has a BIOS Mode and found nothing. It's also not mentioned in the owner's manual. I assume it does not have one.

If anyone else out there who owns this same keyboard could lend me a hand, I will appreciate it very much.

Game Support / Best BF4 Settings for Mouse and Keyboard.
« on: 06:35 AM - 06/14/17 »
I tried the search option here to find past topics about this, but it wasn't helpful at all, kept saying words need to be at least two characters long or something like that.

Anyways, I'm looking for the best Battlefield 4 settings. I remember a post that got lots of comments but those settings were for Mouse and a thing which I don't know what is called, it's like a mini Keyboard for one hand. Sorry, I'm not too tech savvy. I use a Keyboard, you know, the one you use with your computer.

I'd appreciate if people would post their settings here or guide me to another topic. Thanks.

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