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XIM APEX Discussions / Anyone else a Arrow key user ?
« on: 05:37 PM - 07/07/19 »
Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else games with the arrow keys?
I started PC Gaming when I was around 6 and got confused with all the other keys around me and would just button mash random keys and get annoyed. My dad set me up with arrow keys when I was young and to be honest Iíve never went back. Iím mostly a FPS Shooter guy so never needed many keys around me.

How many other Arrow key users are out there and what crazy key binds are you use because my mates slag off me off  all the time and laugh when I tell them I use the numpad keys to change weapons and get grenades etc

Here is my RE2 Set up before the official ST is released.

Firmware 5.00.20190119

CONFIG - Fortnite
DPI - 600
Poll - 1000

Aim 200.00
Synchronize - Slow
Smoothing - 0
Y/X Ratio - 1.05
Steady Aim - 0
Boost - 500
No Curve

My DPI is so low because i find it doesn't jitter as much.

It's not perfect but it gets you by for the time being. Doing a 180 is slightly slow but will get use to it

I Also play on standard mode and haven't tested with the aim assist

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