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I'm a Destiny 2 player, and with the new cross save option, I've been thinking about playing on PC.

One question I've been pondering is "will I be any good on PC?" I'm curious to get the community's thoughts - do you think the skills I've built up playing Destiny 1 & 2 on XIM4/Apex will translate to MnK on PC?

Quick background if it helps: I was mostly a PC Kid growing up and into my early 20's, and have never felt comfortable playing FPS's on controller. I bought a XIM4 in Spring 2016 for D1 and it helped my performance quite a bit.

In D2 my stats are pretty good (1.6 KD overall, hit legend once/earned Not Forgotten).

Will my skill level get worse or stay about the same?  To those who play both platforms, how do your skills translate back and forth?

I have a macro set up so I can press 1 button to shadestep. Using Logitech g502 and Xim4.  The macro is bound to the scroll left button. This is how it looks in the Logitch Gaming Software (key bind is assigned to I, and 50 = .05 second delay):

I (down)
I (up)
I (down)

When I was setting this up, I found that it wouldnít work unless I put a delay between each button press.

Problem is sometimes it just doesnít trigger, and I canít figure out why.  Iíll press the scroll left button, nothing happens, I die, and when I respawn I see that I had the ability up. It seems to happen when Iím performing other actions like strafing & aiming. 

Anyone else experienced d this? Any suggestions?

It seems like the default dpi cycling button on my wired G403 just stopped working (The button on top under the scroll wheel). I canít assign the button to do anything.  Iíve tried assigning right and left mouse click to the button. The mouse is only a few months old.  This isnít a XIM issue, but thought maybe someone could help since itís a popular XIM mouse.  What the heck?  Did I get a faulty mouse?

Edit: should have probably put this in support, maybe a mod can move it.

Iím having the strangest problem on the forums.  See topic title.  They show up normally in the text box, but when I post they appear as question marks.

Iím not sure how to fix this ďproblem.Ē Any helpí <-  yes, thatís an apostrophe..

Posting from an iPad.

Beta / TestFlight - "No iOS builds available"
« on: 11:53 AM - 06/09/16 »
I got the email from TestFlight today. Followed the instructions, installed Test Flight, redeemed the code. The XIM4 Manager icon shows up in TestFlight with the word "Unavailable" above it. When I tap on the icon, a window pops up that says "No iOs Builds Available. We'll notify you when a new build is available to test." 

I read through the XIM4 Manager sticky post to see if I missed any steps or instructions, didn't see anything. I'm using an iPad with the latest iOS version (9.3.2 I think).

I also deleted the old XIM4 Manager App to see if that did anything, but no luck.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Configs stop working
« on: 06:50 AM - 04/03/16 »
Hi community,

Just got my XIM4 functioning, and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. One issue, however: I played Destiny on PS4 for about 2 hours, and experienced this twice: my edited Destiny Config stopped working mid-match. The XIM4 continued working, but the button layout changed. Maybe it reverted to the default Destiny Config - not really sure since I haven't played on the default config. I had to unplug & plug back in the XIM, and then close & restart the app, to get my config working again.

My XIM4 is currently running the 20160121 firmware, and I'm running the iOS version of the Manager on my iPad.

Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Unable to update firmware
« on: 01:28 PM - 03/31/16 »

I am a new XIM4 owner, trying to set this thing up and pair it with an iPad. Ordered it Friday and just got it yesterday.

I am trying to update the firmware with an older PC latop running Windows Vista. I noticed that the 0121 XIM Manager lists support for Windows Vista, but the 0121 Firmware update does not list Vista as a supported OS.  Will I be able to update to the newest firmware with Windows Vista?

Also, do I still need to complete this step with a new XIM4? Or does it have the latest firmware?

Note: I initially installed the 1114 XIM Manager and ran the 1114 Flash Tool, thinking these were the latest versions. I used the flash tool to restore the XIM to factory default settings.  When I clicked 'update firmware' I got a message that I was already using a newer version.

I haven't been able to pair the XIM with my iPad. I followed the "special iOs intructions" to see if I could pair the XIM4 out of the box, but haven't been able to get it to work. I can see my iPad is detecting the XIM4 in bluetooth settings, but the App fails to connect. I get that connect -1 error.

Sorry if this post is a little all over the place.  My brain hurts trying to figure all this out.

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