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Hey there,
Going to try to keep everything super short.

Console  player for 8 years, I'll never leave  consoles, because friends.
I'm a very VERY good player even with controllers by default a fear I have is not being as good or possibly worse with a mouse. I don't know how unfounded this belief might be.

I tried to once use the MKB with a 6 year old mouse and the CronusMax which also provides MKB support. The setup of the deadzone, the sensitivity the DPI and everything else pissed me off to no end. Like I said before I am pretty @#$% good with controllers so that frustration was double for me and I went back to the controller.

Recently I am seeing great things about the XIM4 and it's auto configuration, the app and everything else.

If I am going to give it a try I'd rather go for the XIM4 or  the VenomX and if XIM4 then I'd buy the most popular mouse  everyone  uses  i.e. the Logitech 502.

XIM4 or VenomX?
I know XIM has been around forever. I know it has a lot of popularity too. However last time I checked it required a lot of customizing and every mouse was different.
The one thin with the Venom seems that it comes with a default mouse AND a joystick which would otherwise be external purchases for me. Since they give you the mouse I would assume this would take all the guesswork out of your setup, since everyone has the same mouse.
Am I missing out on something, is the XIM4 still by far hands down the better choice here? I hear great things about both and the faboyism putdowns of some XIM users are pretty see through so I wanted to know some actual concrete benefits and arguments in the discussion.

How long to adapt?
I haven't used a MKB since about 7 years since I last played CS. I of course know how to use a mouse in general. How long could one take to get back into feeling real good with the MKB coming from my situation, about 7-8 years of playing on consoles with different controllers.

Most importantly perhap?
How close to perfection can a XIM4  MKB setup come by? And would whatever setup I get with the Xim4  always be superior to that of using a controller?

Can a XIM4 be used in conjuntion with the CronusMax?

Finally a bonus question to be answered...
Any Uncharted or Destiny players here that could give me their experiences on playing with both a controller and a KB/M? I am looking to play UC4 and Destiny as my first few games with the mouse.

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