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Hi there,
I am using a G502 mouse and a Sony Nav controller on my XIM Apex. For changing weapons I mapped the "Mouse Down" wheel on my mouse. The problem that occurs once in a while is that I sometimes overturn the wheel and I end up with the same weapon I started with. Is there a way to program the wheel with a time delay after the first turn, so it can not "overturn" because of the forced pause? Any ideas to handle this problem? It does not happen all the time, but especially when I am under pressure it happens pretty often since I react very hastily and with not much control ;)

Thank you, Jochen

... and it shows the pins. I managed to stuck it in again, but it seems to be very loose. Can I just clue it back in?

Thank you and greetings from Germany,

XIM APEX Discussions / G502 Lightspeed
« on: 05:35 AM - 05/25/19 »
I am experiencing problems with my new wireless G502 Lightspeed mouse. I created a profile with the Logitec G Hub and assigned the keys according to my regular G502 mouse. When I start the APEX Manager on my ipad, it won´t recognize the keys, respectively the key assignments. It seems to listen only to the standard mouse key assignments (left, right, scroll down, forward, back). So I can not work with the mouse because the APEX won´t listen to the key assignments. Anybody has an idea what is causing the problem? Thank you, Jochen

Hi there ... I am using RMLs fantastic config for playing destiny. But I am not so happy with my dpi-setting for my Logitec 502. Can you tell me from your experiences what is the best setting for you? Thank you, Frasier

XIM 4 Discussions / Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum ...
« on: 06:14 AM - 03/17/16 »
is supposed to not work on the XIM4, regarding to the official XIM4 Hardware Compatibility list. I play with this mouse over the XIM4 and never experienced any problems. If and when there is such, could you please specify? It might be that I never experienced a problem because I did not invoke a certain scenario where it could fail. Thank you for clarification, Frasier

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