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General Discussion / Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta
« on: 05:23 PM - 02/01/17 »
Hey all -

Beta invites have been going out today.

Anyone lucky enough to get in?

For STs I'd start testing with other Anvil Engine games - R6: Siege and Assassins creed.

Good luck!!!

PS: I am looking for an invite if anyone is so kind.

Anyone looking to pick up a cheap mouse.



This is truly a good deal over it's normal price across the internet.  I've never used one, but I know a lot of people like Razer mice, so I figured I'd post it.

General Discussion / G303 on sale for $25 at BestBuy.
« on: 07:28 AM - 06/20/16 »
I have the G502 currently, but I'll be picking this up for a secondary.  Heard lots of good things and this is the cheapest I've seen it.


Playstation / Destiny Trials Runs!
« on: 11:49 AM - 04/01/16 »
Hey All -

Looks like Bungie threw us a bone this week and gave us rotating maps! Excellent!

I fully plan on pushing for flawless on all 3 characters this weekend - which means lots of runs.  Even if I make it 3X, I'll continue running for anyone interested.

Let us XIMers link up and throw down.

Add me with a note (XIMer) or post below and I'll add you.
PSN: TeslaDev

I have a few of you on my friends list already, so plan on me spamming you to run if I see you on!

Side-note: Does anyone have an XIMer Discord set-up?  Could be useful for setting up gaming sessions.  Just a thought!


Edit:  I also plan on filling any downtime with some solid IB matches!

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