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General Discussion / Apex legends 120Hz
« on: 01:55 AM - 07/01/21 »
Hey all,

A mate of mine had convinced me to play some Apex Legends with him and have a simple question about that game on PS5.

Do you guys know if the game runs on 120Hz? and if so, do I need anything special on the XIM side to run it at 120Hz?

General Discussion / MJFame config and 250Hz
« on: 06:43 AM - 06/24/21 »
Hey everyone,

I have been running MJFame config, the exact setup he proposed but for the sense adjustment via ballistic curve (much slower then his 96 ADS and 88 HIP on the ballistic curve), for some time in COD with great success.

Now the recent video from XIM Central spoke about running things on 250Hz as the sweet spot when it comes to aim assist, breaking in and out of the bubble and the AA working in you favour in general.

In the comment section under that video it was suggested to people who already run MJFame config just to lower the sense to 125 on ADS and HIP and to keep the rest of the config unattached.

When applied in my case I get some strange results, I mean its like the mouse have two speeds. One speed which is much closer to what I would get when using MJFame on 500 and 1000Hz. And the second one, whenever I am doing a quick flick, quick hip turn ect, the speed of the mouse goes incredibly fast, I mean bonkers fast.

Is there anyone who could share some light as to why that may be?


General Discussion / BenQ EX2780Q
« on: 04:07 AM - 05/19/21 »
Hey there,

I have finally managed to buy PS5 and now I am looking for a good monitor to go with FPS gaming.

I am not at all interested in 4K gaming on PS5. All I really want is 1440p 120. I know PS5 does not currently support 1440 p 120 natively but if I did my research right it seems that some 1440p 120 monitors will take 1080 120 and upscale it.

One such monitor seems to be BenQ EX2780Q, which also support the VRR.

I was wondering if any of you are trying to get the same thing as I, and whether you managed to come across a better option than BenQ EX2780Q.

My budget is about £500.

Thanks in advance.

General Discussion / Sound BlasterX G6 users
« on: 02:57 AM - 11/28/20 »
Hey there,

I wonder if anyone on here uses the SBX G6 for COD on PS4.

I have recently purchased the G6 along with AKG 702 and I must say, I feel pretty underwhelmed by the audio experience.

The reason I went for this specific setup is that I know very little about audio and this setup seemed as though all you have to do is to plug it all in, turn the scout mode on, and off you go hearing footsteps and all other audio in-game cues I have been missing. 

Unfortunately, that has not been my experience at all. Rather the explosions, the sound of medals or Ballturet gun sound take over everything. Also, I had a better time spotting footsteps on my cheap gaming headphones.

I have only purchased these and technically I could pack it all up and send it back, but before I do that I wanted to ask if any user on here uses the above and may be willing to share some insight on what could be done to improve the experience.

Also, at this point in time, I am playing WW2 on PS4.

General Discussion / Thoughts on a possible new setup
« on: 03:08 AM - 11/23/20 »
Hey there xim army!

This may be a rather lengthy post, but I will do my best to summarise as much as possible.

I should mention from the start that I am only going to play FPS and mostly COD.

With the new-gen upon us, I am planning on making some substantial upgrades to my setup. Before I get to that, let me just briefly set out what my goal with the new-gen.

I have been a long-time PS user, but this year I am making the switch to Xbone, there are a few reasons for that. First, and the most obvious one is  1440/120 with VRR which is supported out of the box by the Xbone, I know that Sony will likely provide this feature via FM, but we donít really know when.

A penny on the 4K /120, I personally donít think this will ever work steadily or adequately, what I mean by that is not to say 4K/120 wonít work at all, rather that this will be pushing the hardware to its maximum right from the start which means the further we go the more likely it is that the hardware will struggle with new games even more. Plus, you really need a bigger than 27 screens to appreciate 4K.

Given that all I want to play are FPS multiplayer games with the new-gen I am all about the stable performance, hence why I think 1440/120 will be the sweet spot, plus moving to 1440 would be noticeable enough graphical upgrade from last-gen.

Other drivers behind making the switch to Xbone are based on curiosity really; I want to see if what people are claiming about the higher stick resolution or much better servers is true.

Also, the fact that xim does not work with the PS5 right now, and that it may not work for a long while has contributed too.

Anyway, enough about the background, let us get to the good stuff. So the first thing I want to upgrade along the console is the audio. If I am not mistaken the new-gen support audio over USB which would make it possible to use an AMP/DAC that takes USB audio and plug something like Sennheiser DROP PC38X into the AMP/DAC and be done with it. I know that at the moment there isnít any AMP/DAC that is supported by either console but given the amount of AMP/DAC that are available to use with the PC over USB it may be just a matter of time to have one compatible with new consoles.

Another avenue with audio would be to use Sound BlasterX G5 as AMP/DAC, and this would be my preferred option as being all about competitive shooters I would love to take advantage of their footsteps enhancer. I would add here that my overall hearing is not great. I am using a hearing aid, and I would like to put this part of my game in as good of a position as possible.

Finally, the monitor. I know many on here advocate for 4K/120 over HDMI 2.1, but I am not interested in that at all, I will be a happy camper with 1440/120 over HDMI 2.0. The choice in this rage is actually broad, but I have settled on the ASUS VG27AQ. My critical thoughts behind this choice are 27, support for 120, Freesync compatible, decent response time and ELMB, which is a feature that allows you to have VRR and motion blur reduction working simultaneously.

Well, after all this typing I wanted to ask you chaps about my choices. I am getting something wrong here. Maybe I am missing something important?

Hardware Compatbility / Razer Huntsman mini
« on: 07:06 AM - 07/15/20 »
I know that may be a bit silly but I wanted to ask if a keyboard like that work with Apex. I mean the keyboard is USB-TYPE C but I think a simple TYPE-C to USB. 2.0 adapter should do the trick right?

XIM APEX Discussions / Mouse pad
« on: 06:43 AM - 03/09/20 »
Hey chaps

I wonder if any of you have any recommendations.

I am looking for a mouse pad that has decent control, cloth pad, but also decent speed.

I love the control that GSR pad provides, my aim is so stable using this pad, but my tracking is very inconsistent. On the other hand, QCK allows me for a bit more speed than GSR whilst allowing decent control but, as with GSR, I would like a tad bit more speed.

I guess my question is really about whether you guys used a pad that has the control of QCK or GSR but has more speed than QCK.

I have tried the hybrid Dex pad but for me, the control is just not there.

Thanks in advance.

General Discussion / Titan Two configuration
« on: 08:05 AM - 09/04/18 »
Hey there,

I have just bought the T2 and went over available tutorials but, I am still confused about a lot of things.

I was wondering if someone could be so kind and walk me through, step by step, the setup of T2 and Xim Apex. I mean from the physical setup to how to use the software.

I know it is a big ask, but if someone could help me, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


XIM APEX Discussions / Your Wooting One config
« on: 01:48 AM - 08/23/18 »
Hey there,

I know there is a fair share of us who bought the Wooting One keyboard and, I'm now also one who has one :). I wanted to ask you all about your setups, how are you utilising the analogue capabilities, your key bindings or any exciting combos you managed to create?

Additionally, I want to set up my 'W' to be, at the first stage of the press, a walk and then, at the second stage of the press, to be run function in COD.

It would be great if someone is using the 'W' that way and could share how to go about achieving that.

Thanks in advance,


XIM APEX Discussions / Mouse Grips
« on: 02:43 AM - 05/23/18 »
Hi There,

I know that how you grip your mouse its a somewhat subjective matter, and many may adjust the standard three grips to their liking by combining two grip styles etc. That being said, there are universal standards of each grip style.

I have done a fair bit of youtube style research but, found the lack of comprehensive explanation on how you place say pinky finger while you claw, or fingertip and so on. Should you hold the mouse with the thumb and pinky as your primary point of grip while you claw, and so on and so forth.

I thought maybe it's a good idea to start a thread about it here and see how fellow X force members are griping their rats.

All the best,


XIM 4 Discussions / Recent COD ST updated for PS4
« on: 06:01 AM - 06/29/17 »
Hi There,

Would it be possible to know what has changed in the current settings updated for COD on PS4.

Best regards,


Hardware Compatibility / Roccat + Force FX
« on: 02:55 PM - 06/26/17 »
Would that work with XiM, the force technology.


XIM 4 Discussions / Powered USB hubs
« on: 03:39 PM - 02/28/17 »
Hi guys,

I hope you are all doing well.

Is there anyone out there that uses a USB hub that if fully powered externally. If so would you mind sharing what hubs are they?

Thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / Unsteady Hand
« on: 06:02 PM - 02/25/17 »
Hey there,

I hope everybody is doing well today.

I guess this post is to all of us who have that unsteady shaky hands. I was just wondering if any one have some good tips etc.

I have been using xim for second year now and playing only cod on PS4. Unfortunately my hand creates a lot of noise as i see it. I have read somewhere that some people would mess with the dead zones to get rid of this.

Anyway just a thought, any opinion is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Game Support / Your IW setting post IW ST
« on: 06:56 AM - 11/14/16 »
Hello There

I hope you all had a great weekend.

I'm really curious to see what others people are using setting wise on the IW ST. Please share your settings as well as opinions.

My self I struggle a bit. On BO3 I had an amazing time first was using the G502 and G303 but recently moved to Zowie FK2 for the shape and my aim improved even more.

Now its been like two weeks now that IW is out and week since we got the ST for it, I honestly struggle to stay on target and I feel really clunky while aiming etc. Nothing wrong with a XIM its just me trying to find some settings that will work for me.

Thanks in advance for those who will share and those just stopping by :)


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