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XIM 4 Discussions / Alternatives to Playstation NAV?
« on: 12:10 PM - 05/03/16 »
I just received my third, and I've decided, final Playstation NAV from Amazon. There's been great times: getting better at mapping its buttons, learning how to use to connect it via bluetooth, finally getting it to sync to a xim for the first time, using a sony product on an xbox.

There's been bad. So, it's being discontinued. And I'm a little sick of the charging, syncing issues, and limited buttons.

Can anyone please suggest an alternative joystick controller? Anyone using any other joystick?

First issue was controller shutting off while playing XIM, while playing The Division.

Normally, unplugging XIM, and plugging back in, would get everything powered on again -- with ghost movement. One more reset everything would work fine for another couple of hours.

However, it has now stopped entirely. I've done two factory resets on XIM, updated to latest firmware and manager on both phone and pc.

This started in full yesterday when running 2014 manager on phone, and firmware for XIM. In trying to fix it today I've upgraded to 2016, with no change. Controller has been updated. G502 has been updated.

Everything will work for a few moments, then it appears once I give input to my nav this causes the controller to shut down.

I've tried having controller sync to xbox first, then connect to XIM. This allows for the initial input. However, same result once input is received on peripherals through XIM peripherals shut off. XIM remains on.

XIM 4 Discussions / Quick Start Guide, help
« on: 06:52 AM - 01/05/16 »
Hi all, new to the board here, but been lurking/reading last couple of days.

Like many of you I'm originally a PC gamer, so have purchased a xim4 for fps - besides agreeing that a mouse is simply a better tool.

Getting to it. I play Destiny on Xbox one. Via advice here, I've purchased, and will receive by this weekend: xim4, g502, Sony Nav, hard mouse pad, USB dock. I have an Xbox one USB cord. Bluetooth enabled Android device. Xim4 manager installed.

My limitations: my pc is in disrepair - will this limit my use of g502? Can I still download latest firmware? I'm reading lists on both g502 and NAV not being recognized, is this common? If so, is there a common fix?

My goal is to be up and running on the advanced Destiny set up ASAP, as I'm on a short stint with some free time and would like to maximize play time.

What should my first steps be once I have all the tools of this set up?

I have a Snowball and speakers, can I use an external mic via the USB hub? Any suggested audio set ups?

My xim4 will be here ahead of my other gear, I plan on plugging a generic m+kb in to try it out, is this advisable?

Thank you all for your time and/or suggestions.

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