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Hey guys,

Long time!
I have just picked up an APEX and setting it all up and i know this is going to sound super dumb and i hate myself for having to ask but.... back in the xim4 days you used to be able to have a second page of bindings so you could a second set of keys to controller buttons but i can't find it. I also can't find any of the advanced settings in the app like before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hardware Compatibility / Corsair K65 + USB hub
« on: 06:18 AM - 01/24/17 »
Hey all,

Anyone know why the K65 doesn't seem to work if plugged through a USB hub? It works when plugged directly into the XIM (the power USB is plugged into the HUB). It just doesn't register key presses. Even with the power USB cable into my hub and the K65 direct into the XIM there is too much power draw which makes it feedback into the mic.

I tried without using the power USB cable plugged in and just the data one but that doesn't work either.

Firmware is right up to date (SA5) and manager is up to date too.

Feedback / Walk feature customisation
« on: 07:59 AM - 11/14/16 »
Hey dev team,

I know there is a key in manager which you can assign to walk but i would love to be able to customise this a little bit. So in COD IW and even in BO3 you can wall run slower if you don't fully push forward the left stick with a controller. I would love to be able to do this on a KB and at the moment with the walk feature it reduced the forward motion too much and you just fall straight off the wall once you activate it.  What i would love to be able to do is have an option to be able to adjust the walk velocity so i can make it work in this situation. I am sure other games could benefit from having this sort of customisation with an activation key.

Is that something you guys would consider?

Game Support / Skyrim Remastered
« on: 11:17 AM - 10/29/16 »
I am just downloading Skyrim remastered and looking at the configs. When i load up Skyrim i can select it for Xbox 360 or PS3 and not Xbox One. Does it matter if i just use the 360 config or will another potentially have to be made?

XIM 4 Discussions / Wrist or Arm
« on: 05:38 AM - 09/28/16 »
Hey all,

I am just wondering what people are using for movement. I really prefer the movement range of using mainly my wrist but i have a bad habit of my hand shaking a bit, possibly from adrenaline and getting too WAY too much into the game. I have tried today lowering my sensitivity and trying to use my arm but at the moment my arm doesn't keep up with my brain so i need to work on the muscle memory a bit more.

I wonder if implementing some kind of curve to reduce the shake within that movement range for hip might help? but i haven't delved into looking at making my own custom curve yet, i need to learn which areas affect which movements.

To give you an idea of what i am working with:

12K dpi
7.5 hip
4.5 ads

XIM 4 Discussions / Press button twice to sprint?
« on: 03:39 PM - 01/05/16 »
Hey all,

I have just got my xim4 and i am just having a play with it and getting it all set up and i was wondering if there is a way to make it so when you press e.g the 'w' key twice it will make you sprint in a game and when you press it once you just walk as normal?

I must say that i am really impressed with the xim4 and very much looking forward to getting back used to using a KB+M!

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