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Game Support / Destiny 2, has anything changed?
« on: 03:09 AM - 11/21/17 »
Last night the controls felt perfect, today itís like Iíve never played this game before... has anything changed? All my settings havenít been touched, even double checked to see if my mouse memory reset somehow.

Been playing since release and today felt like a different game.

I use g502

Game Support / Destiny sensitivity changes over time
« on: 06:25 PM - 04/23/17 »
I constantly have to keep adjusting XIM4 sensitivity settings.

It feels good one week, then the next it feels way too sensitive. Does anyone else experience changes like this?

I play consistently and don't change my loadout or class modes at all.

Game Support / Destiny Aim Assist Bubble
« on: 12:34 PM - 04/06/17 »
Hello all,

I've been trying to fix a problem I've had and can't seem to correct it.

I'm an AR user, mainly high rof ones. My issue is after some automatic fire, my reticle moves upward over the target and then it's almost impossible to correct.

When I'm not shooting at a target, I'm able to control the recoil no problem. But as soon as a target is involved, I hit a "wall" that I can't pass through after sustained fire...

Game Support / The Division and acceleration
« on: 04:08 PM - 03/28/16 »
Since I found out the official ST has been available, I have been struggling to make the game feel right.

The acceleration built into the game is driving me nuts.

While running, moving the mouse just rotates the camera slightly unless I swipe.

While ADS and shooting at a target, making minor adjustments feels like theres a huge weight on my hand.

Is there any way I can combat the innate acceleration in game? I want to get rid of it altogether so I'm not constantly battling such artificial movements.

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