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I'm currently running XIM4 Firmware Version 20151120.

If I update to the latest 20171004, will I lose my saving profiles and their settings? I have quite a bit of games saved on there.

Thank you.


Do I need to update SandhawC to 1.5? I'm still running 1.2 (yes, I'm very lazy about updating, it's a bad habit)


How do I get AHK script to recognize a button press on the PS4 controller (not the keyboard)? I have SandhawC running and setup, and it's quite simple to to AHK to recognize a button pressed on the keyboard by simply using the function GetKeyState such as:

if GetKeyState("Ctrl")
        //do stuff

But I don't know if AHK can recognize something like "square" or "R1" button pressed on PS4 controller through SandhawC.

Hello, I've recently started experimenting with AHK scripts on sandhawC. My sandhawC displays my polling rate at a steady 125 Hz, 8 ms, unless I rapidly click my right mouse button.

I know that the xim4 has inconsistency with running rapid/complex commands on scripts, so I decided to play around with sandhawC and test out the easiest script to run: rapid-fire.

My test program:

Code: [Select]
#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
#UseHook ;
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

Sleep, 10

If (GetKeyState("LButton","P")=0)

I've changed the sleep time around many times and it always fires any semi-auto gun too slowly and inconsistently. I know that spamming clicks isn't a good idea since the xim4 has a polling rate of 8 ms.
 But even when I change the sleep time to a massive 1000 (1 second), the fire rate is still inconsistent!

How can I make it fast and smooth for xim4? It runs and tests smooth on Windows, but that's expected.


On the Logitech G502, I noticed there is a multi key macro feature in the on-board memory. I know that the left and right mouse buttons cannot be changed to have this feature, but other buttons on the mouse can. Also, there are limitations, such as no repeating loop for this.

On the Logitech gaming software, I have binded one of the buttons on the G502 with a multi key when pressed; to fire once, delay, fire again, delay, fire again. Basically a 3 round burst every time I click the button. It works fine when the G502 is plugged into a PC.

However, when I plug into the XIM4, it does not work well. It does not register properly, 70% of the time, nothing happens, 29% of the time, it fires only once, 1% of the time, it works right and fires a 3 round burst. I thought the delay between shots might be too short for the XIM4 to register, so I made it a whopping 500ms delay and still does not work well. Does anyone who use a Logitech G502 have found a solution?

Does anyone have any experience with using GMYLE keyboards on the xim4 and if they are compatible? From what I can tell, they tend to make inexpensive apple lookalike products.

The particular keyboard I'm looking at is this:

It's a very cheap wired chiclet keyboard with backlight, and since the Redragon Karura is on the red list of xim4, this is my #2 choice.

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 20151120 update new feature?
« on: 04:46 PM - 12/09/15 »
I'm sooooo excited about the new update, now I am finally able to use my iPhone, my ASUS atheroes bluetooth AND my PS4 touchpad for MGSV! This update literally had me jumping for joy, I thought it couldn't get any better.

Then I saw this new feature listed:

NEW: Use next-gen controllers (X1, PS4) on last-gen consoles (X360, PS3)

I have an old xbox360, still with gold membership. I can't use it with my Xim4, cause I only got the wireless XB360 controller. Does that mean I can plug in my PS4 dualshock contoller in the xim4 and use the xim4 on my xbox 360?!

I just got a new G502 :)
I updated to latest firmware and on the Logitech software, I plugged the mouse into my PC, I went to "Pointer Settings" and switched my 5th DPI Level to 12000 and my polling rate to 500. If I continue to press the DPI up button the mouse, it goes to 12000 DPI and only the front blue LED is lit :)

However when I unplug from my PC and into XIM4, I keep pressing DPI up button on the mouse and it only goes up to the 4th DPI level, at 6400 with the front and middle LED lit :(

How do I make the mouse go to 12000 on the XIM?

Hello, i just bought my xim4 today and Im currently using a mouse with 3600 dpi. It feels really sluggish, I'm not a high sensitivity gamer but the sensitivity was quite slow (in game sensitivity was maxed out). Also it felt really jittery and shaky for some reason, not smooth at all, my other lower dpi mouses did not feel this way.

So time for me to buy a new mouse, I'm contemplating between the Razer DeathAdder Chroma or the Logitech G502.

Razer Pros:
Great shape and comfortable design (I think G502 is UGLY)
Cheaper (49.99 on amazon, whereas G502 is 66 bucks)

G502 Pros:
Seems to be the most recommended on this forum, people say it performs best with xim4
More buttons (I don't really need this though)

I'm leaning on the Razer to be honest....but I'm keeping an open mind for the G502 since this forum seems to highly praise it for its buttery smooth performance, while the deathadder is not as popular. Any recommendations as to which I should buy? I understand that older Deathadders have lower DPI, around 3600 and 6400, but the Deathadder chroma is advertised as 10,000 DPI. Is it smooth as the G502 though?

Also, if anyone has used both, I would love your opinion on this matter.

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