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Game Support / Disable Crossplay on Warzone!
« on: 12:11 PM - 04/02/20 »

please make this a thing because I cannot face against these PC players anymore.. and not to mention the freakin' hackers on here are really depressing.

pc is obviously superior over consoles and they have advantages way beyond a consoles dreams.

share this video with everyone so we can stop cross-play and let the PC players play amongst themselves!! 

Game Support / Black Ops 3
« on: 12:23 PM - 12/18/19 »
So I got on Black Ops 3 last night for @#$% and giggles.

Man, does it play horrible!!!
Iím literally here wondering how I ever played that game. Jesus.

I donít know if something is wrong, but the look mechanic feels SO different from MW2019.

It felt extremely poor in performance and the mouse felt like it had a really weird boost and weird curve, yet there was absolutely nothing different in my OLD configs and then I also made a new one. Still felt extremely bad.

Does anyone know if the look mechanic changed?
Or something? Does black ops 3 feel okay for anyone?

Comparing to mw2019, it feels like a joke.


Settings and config code is in the description and comments. 

20 smoothing on both HIP AND ADS.

What this curve is, it made the config feel incredibly accurate, and able to manage the aim assist bubble like a dream!!!!

Does anyone have any knowledge as to where or who made that curve??

1000hz xim
1000hz mouse
20/20 smoothing on both hip and ads.
Apply the curve to both hip and ADS.

If itís way too sensitive, adjust the HIP AND ADS obviously accordingly to what you need.

I even tried to go cod 4 vanilla no curves no nothing out of the box, and it felt like I was behind an invisible sludge, felt really floaty ish and like the auto aim owned my soul. I tested that at 1800DPI.

Technically it was ďsmootherĒ but in terms of performance it didnít go well.

This curve / setup Iím using actually introduces a tiny amount of jitter and micro movements, are sort of choppy, but if you just get past that and trust that your auto aim is so much more manageable you are going to be amazed.

I was literally melting people for no reason.
Good job whoever made the curve   

The curve just starts straight UP immediately like looking at it, you donít think itís going to workó but it does.

nice find! 500hz, 1000hz? if you don't know, that's fine :)

Nope not sure what polling rate he uses he didn't say that.

Ah no worries... so I just tried this config out (the one you posted). At 3200dpi, that @#$% is INSANE. No way in hell a human can control that haha

I tried it on 800dpi as well cuz I think one of his videos said 800dpi, and it's much more manageable. Interesting he uses 1.23 for his Y/X Ratio. Just won a Blackout match with those setting, however... Just need to bump up the HIP as that's way too low for me at 800dpi

Double check your dpi settings.  I just tested it and it feels normal to me (20cm/360)  at 3200 dpi

His 800 DPI setup is 1.84 Hip 1.00 XY , 0.78 ADS 1.23 XY , Default sync on both ,
This curve on both
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

XIM APEX Discussions / aim assist and DPI
« on: 02:51 PM - 09/25/19 »
This guy on youtube is going on about 800dpi helping with aim assist... yet he has his aim assist turned OFF in game... Does this make sense to any of you? Or is this a giant contradiction? He's telling me that i'm not understanding it...

someone help me here.


No need for scripts, no need for Xbox controller re-mapping.
No need for anything like that.

I made this video to clear up a lot of confusion since some people were a little confused
And I donít blame them, since EPIC over looked this simple thing.

Iím just happy console finally has instant edit!

Hope this clears things up ;)

Stupid question incoming.

I recently hooked up my Xbox to my 4K Samsung 55Ē television, switched on gaming mode and also hooked up my xim apex. Iíve noticed 0 amount of lag between this television and my asus gaming monitor.

So my question is this, even though Iím not feeling any lag whatsoever, is there some type of lag going on to where I cannot see it?

Like even though I canít see the lag, is real time happening much quicker than what Iím able to see because Iíll be on a television? Versus the gaming monitor where thereís still no lag, but is it more in tune with whatís actually happening in terms of real time server side data?

Just curious because Iíve been wanting to game on this TV because itís huge and 4K, but also afraid that Iím not getting a full real time experience against my online opponents.

Sorry I donít know how else to ask or how else to put this in better wording.

Xbox / [fortnite] Did I deserve to die here?
« on: 01:43 PM - 06/03/18 »

Ever since buying the apex Iíve only ever used it for Fortnite.

I played overwatch on xim4 since Overwatchís release date.

I tried a couple of different things and because the apex is so much faster, I barely feel ANY aim assist at all. Even at 100 strength and window 100.

Does anyone have any idea on how to closely match the settings I had for the xim4 without sacrificing speed?

I just bought a razer black widow 2016 ultimate and was wondering how important is a usb powered hub?

Like if it works, and I donít use a powered hub could I cause potential damage to my xim apex?

Or if it works ó it works. No worries after that?

Iíve yet to try it but if it doesnít work plug n play, Iím returning it lol. It was $70 at Walmart so I decided to buy it impulse.

Tl;dr is the powered hub absolutely necessary? Could I damage and cause malfunction to my Apex?

Here's just an idea and possible theory, feel free to add on top with your own possibilities and ideas since this is just a basic idea that just popped up in my head.

first of all, the only way we're going to benefit from this is if we're already running a lower DPI, than our maximum allotted dpi available

So there was this issues with AUX mode profiles not being able to work, or just not having enough reliability.
my personally issue was that if I couldn't enter AUX with build button AND exit aux with build button, it just wasn't worth it and felt clunky.

Here is my idea,
let's say we're running 8000 DPI (out of 12,000)
and we'd wish to have a way to enter build mode and have our sensitivity raised up without much worry about reliability with syncing issues or different deactivation keys.

Why couldn't we set up 2 profiles on our mouse's on-board memory.
one with 8000 DPI
one with 12,000 DPI
and use the profile switch button as a build button that switches to 12k DPI whilst entering build mode through a simple macro that does both switch the profile to 12k dpi and presses the build button.

press it again to exit build mode and, go back to hip 8000dpi.

i'm horrible at explaining my ideas and I hope you guys understand.

Logitech g502 has a profile switch button and it allows macros to be used without the ximlink or titan 2.

I can't speak for other mice.

I just hope you can create a macro that brings up build mode and can switch a profile in one go.

just a thought. Thanks.

XIM APEX Discussions / Just purchased the APEX.
« on: 06:09 PM - 03/15/18 »
However Iím not so excited that the HUB doesnít have a removable usb for its power source like the previous XIM4 has. I bought a 15 foot usb micro cable just for that reason so I was able to have my Xbox in another room run that long cable and boot it up. Now Iím worried Iím going to have to move the Xbox every single time I want to play due to the shorter cable that weíre forced with. Just a concern and inconvenience is all, but I am excited to try it out.

Game Support / Fortnite ó build mode profile!
« on: 05:29 PM - 03/15/18 »
Would I be able to have build mode activate itís own separate profile? And have the left mouse button and right mouse button scroll through the build peices?

Basically I want to be able to build all the while being able to move freely fully each direction.  Having the scrolling with Q and E takes my fingers off S and D therefore I cannot move as freely as I want.

This would obviously need to be set to toggle on and off between whatever youíre choosing for build mode.  I think this would be a good idea in terms of full movement all the while Being able to build. I think Left ALT should be to place the tile selected that way you can still be able to move. 

I tried scrolling through the build peices with mouse scroll wheel but it was horribly bad and not consistent enough. I need an actual button to press.

Let me know your ideas or thoughts on my idea here.

XIM APEX Discussions / Seems like I missed out?
« on: 08:37 PM - 03/07/18 »
I put my name on the waiting list like 2 months ago and I never got an email or a phone call or text so Iím wondering where I went wrong. I recently just last week had my brother sign up to be alerted too, and nothing on his part so what happened ?

Xbox / Over Watch XBOX ONE PING ISSUE?
« on: 08:09 PM - 09/20/17 »
So about 1 week ago, I was curious to see what my ping number was, so I decided to enable the network stats in settings for overwatch. It was a solid and consistent 20ms of PING. Hm not too bad. Not too good just decent.

Up until the great release of JUNKER TOWN and the new Mercy 2.0, I'm getting ping number of up to 75. Seems like a really big bump up in numbers. I can't help but feel like they did something and possibly messed something up, because as you can imagine, the matches were a bit more laggier and I was getting random headshots as McCree... I wasn't even aiming at them lol. Has anyone noticed this as well? Do any of you play with the ping stats ON?

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