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I have been running RMLs advanced sprint curve for a long time and whilst it's not perfect, it does the job.

I got dunemarchers and found that they work best without any curve at all. I can do tight corners with or without my dunes but the difference is that without the dunes I need the sprint curve and I can feel the acceleration on the curve dragging me round that corner. The dunes feel natural.

My issue is that this screws with muscle memory and accuracy when trying to come out of sprint. When using the curve on my warlock I often overshoot as the acceleration drags me round further than I want to go. With dunes, I spin and stop where I want.

How do people combat this? Has anyone got a sprint config they feel closely matches what you can get with dunes without the feel of acceleration screwing around with your aim?

Game Support / FIFA 17
« on: 08:37 AM - 11/01/16 »
So I've just got FIFA 17 on my XB1 but I only have one controller.

Does anyone have any experience of playing FIFA on a XIM using a different controller? I only have 1 XB1 controller but I also have a PS4 controller and a 360 controller.

This is purely for the purpose of saving 50 on a new controller :)

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