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Technical Support / [RESOLVED] Cant edit configs
« on: 03:32 AM - 11/23/18 »
Hi, i cant edit any configs on my xim apex.  I reinstalled the manager with no luck.  What else can i do here?


Technical Support / [Q/A] Shipping to Australia?
« on: 04:12 AM - 10/20/18 »

I purchased the XIM 4 from the Official US store and shipped to Australia, but now when trying to purchase the XIM Apex, there is no Australia in the pull down for shipping country?

Do I need to go through a different distributor?


Game Support / Star Wars Battlefront
« on: 01:59 PM - 11/12/15 »
Anyone else playing on the X1 with the early EA access?

Currently using the BF4 ST, its ok but can be better. Anyone else using any other ST's that work well?


Anyone have PX4's hooked up to an XB1 with the chat adapter on the controller and have chat work?  Currently using Kinect as my mic.

Game Support / Are there any BF4 curves?
« on: 03:36 PM - 11/02/15 »
Hi Folks,

Been searching the forums but I cant seem to find any BF4 curves.

Also, this may be a very stupid question, so I apologize in advance.  But can you map the spot key to the ADS key to have it spot when activate ADS?

Is there a way to control recoil also with the XIM4?  With CM, I was able to script it to basically remove all recoil from different guns wondering if XIM4 can do the same.

Sorry for the all the questions.  Just learning more about the XIM4.


Feedback / XIM4 is great.
« on: 02:38 PM - 11/02/15 »
Hi Folks,

Thanks for a great product.

I was a long time user of CM, and I just wanted something a little more user friendly and easier to setup.  After reading through the forums and watching all the videos, I decided to purchase the XIM4, arrived yesterday and set it all up with no problems.  Used some curves from the website here posted by the members and overall just a much smoother experience.  I understand that XIM4 and CM are different, and one can do things the other cant, but I am extremely happy with XIM4.


Hi Folks,

I am wondering if it is better to use a mouse with on board memory?  I currently have a g400s and a g502.

Is there any advantage of using one with on board memory?  I am reading quite a lot of posts with people having really high DPI settings and I just want to get everything right before I dive into XIM4 world.

Will my g400 be crappy?


XIM 4 Discussions / New user, quick question
« on: 02:24 PM - 11/01/15 »
Hi Folks,

New user here, just a question if I may.

My XIM4 will arrive shortly, and I would like to move to the RC firmware.  Do I first restore factory defaults to the XIM4 and then install the RC firmware or the other way around?


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