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XIM NEXUS Discussions / Copy paste
« on: 04:07 PM - 02/12/22 »
How you copy paste in Xim Nexus? ;D

General Discussion / Question
« on: 11:43 AM - 07/11/21 »
Small question, I'm wondering if my Xim apex could be used wireless, if you know how I can do this I'd appreciate a response, thank you. 

Hi, I've been having difficulties updating my xim4, I have plugged it into my usb port in my computer and it is showing a blue light.  However, when I run the xim4 flash if says that my xim4 is not connected even though it is showing a solid blue light.  Xim manger also isn't connecting, it shows error 10110.  I hope you can help me with this issue.  By the way, I haven't used my xim4 for a few years, it was safely stored, thanks. 

XIM Link / Auto tag
« on: 12:36 PM - 11/05/20 »
Hi, could someone share an autotag script for mw warzone please. Thanks.

General Discussion / predator hunting grounds
« on: 02:47 PM - 03/28/20 »
hi i was wondering if there was any st or suggestions for this game, please and thank you

Please help me my Xim 4 is not connecting to my computer, it is connecting to my andriod phone, but it's not connecting to the computer I am trying to manager for my computer and it gives me the connect failure 10022.
I already reset the Xim frame and manager, but it still gives me the same error.

General Discussion / aim down sights mls for cod ww2
« on: 09:01 PM - 01/06/18 »
Can someone please be kind enough to give me a aim down sights mls list for cod ww2 for the weapons?

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] xim4 freez
« on: 09:14 PM - 09/25/15 »
While playing Destiny, I'm experiencing some random hard freezing where it seems like the last movement inputs from the kb+m are "saved" and that's all my character will do in that state.  E.g. if I'm running around in game and it freezes, I often end up strafing in the last direction I was pushing on the keyboard and turning the last direction I was moving my mouse. In this situation, the audio is also frozen playing the last half second of sound or so on repeat.  The Xim4 appears completely normal -- LEDs on unchanging.  This will happen in as little as a few minutes to sometimes longer, like maybe an hour. 

The easiest way I've found to temporarily fix it is unplugging the main USB cord to the Xim4 and replugging it in.  This turns the Xim4 off, stops my character from moving, and gives me a "Controller disconnected" message.  After about 10 seconds it'll reconnect and the Xim4 will operate as normal until it happens again.

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