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Technical Support / XIM4 Stopped Working
« on: 01:56 PM - 09/22/15 »
My Xim4 seems to have died. I have tried all of the general trouble shooting i could find on the forum - fully charged controller, swapping cables, updated to latest firmware (20150816). When started it up, the controller goes to a yellow blinking light, but nothing will respond to any button presses. I have a friend who has a XIM4 _ he bought it after i recommended it to him- and Let me swap his working one out with mine on his system. Using  his system -all his cables controller mouse and keyboard, psn ,ect- it responded exactly like my system,
 I have requested an RMA, but am I missing any thing else I might try? With Destiny, The Taken King just out, I am kind in Try Hard mode, and am greatly missing my Xim4.

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