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Game Support / [Tech] Using less then Max DPI
« on: 09:00 AM - 04/24/18 »
Hello everbody.

I noticed that many user configs are based on a lower Dpi, for example 4000 instead of 12000, even when its possible by the hardware.

I always struggling which setup I should keep, both setups lead to the nearly same result.

12k DPI with less Apex Sens
4k DPI with higher Apex Sens

The technical advice is to use as much DPI as the Mouse delivers, what is the right goto setup now? Top users like RML using 4k, tech says use max (12k).

You can say now its personal preferences but what fits you better... ya sure but what the DEVs say about this?

I would like to keep this discussion from a low-sens player perspective.
Im playing fortnite (60fps) and destiny2 (30fps)

My Destiny setup is on 4k dpi because i think its better cause of the 30fps cap? is that right thought?
on fortnite im right now switching between 4k (4.5 ads) and 12k (1.0ads), still not sure what to choose, what feels right/better.

XIM APEX Discussions / No Connection - Xim Manager PC
« on: 11:50 AM - 04/05/18 »
Hello, i have problems connecting to my xim with the xim mamanger for pc.

Ugrading firmware to latest beta just worked fine.

i tried connect via bluetooth by searching for BT devices in windows. tells me cannot connected try again.
i tried directly connect via usb while holding button and also without button. tells me "communications size failure".
i tried connection by BT without windows BT manager, just by pressing button on xim and clicking connect in manager, no work. "unable to find xim running in wired config mode" sill nothing

i uninstalled manager and installed fresh same times, no help with that.
also i deleted all BT devices, too no help.

and i factory reset xim with latest beta firmware, also nothing.

Game Support / Fortnite: BR - 60FPS - XBOX1 - NO PS4
« on: 07:16 AM - 02/25/18 »
Hey guys. i would like to get some sorted settings for special xbox1 on 60fps using xim and no nativ as its not supported on xbox. Since last patch you can run 60 fps (just on Xbox1X i think), so i think we can run better tuned settings now. You might post your 30FPS settings as well but please mark them so other people know.

Everybody should run game sensitivity as 10/10/1.0/x.x for max xim experience. I included Scope sense to the config as its interesting to tune it in game separated from xim.

Please post your settings as follows:

Game FPS: 60
Mouse: G502
DPI: 12000
Polling: 1000
Game AimAssist: on
Xim-HIP Sens: 13
Xim-ADS Sens: 6
Game-Scope Sens: 1.0
Curves: right now no curve

12000 dpi may not feels good at 30fps, but feels superb at 60fps.

*updated with my prefered settings.

Game Support / Your Devision Settings
« on: 12:48 PM - 04/07/16 »
Like many other here im not so happy with the feeling and i hope we get some improvmentens after the patch release. But for now i would like to know your corrent settings. Maybe there are some tweaks which many ppl dont know.
I run everything on default with g502 8200dpi 500hz.

Thanks :)

Hardware Compatibility / Logitech G13 freez
« on: 01:36 PM - 09/21/15 »
Hello, i use Xim4 since the beginning, allways with the latest patch or beta. my setup is xim4 with g512 and g13 from logitech. for some month i have the problem that my g13 keypad freezes and i have to unplug it and plug it in back. some days it happens not after 10h play, and some days it happens every @#$% 10 minutes. i really dont know what it could be and i would like to ask for some help. maybe its xim controller? i have 2 g13 and both make the same problem.

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