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XIM NEXUS Discussions / nexus not being detected
« on: 03:32 PM - 02/25/22 »
for some reason earlier today my nexus was working fine then all of a sudden it doesnt work in game. i can use it in the main ps5 menu but cant in game (like its locked to ps5 controller only). playing warzone so im confused as to what ive done wrong?

so I'm trying to play default flipped (swap l1/r1 and 12/r2), and have mapped the buttons over correctly, however, I notice that when I select for the trigger to engage motion and select left trigger as the ads role and the right trigger as fire role motion does not seem to work and I cant figure out why?

any help would be appreciated thanks

XIM NEXUS Discussions / xim manager keeps disconnecting
« on: 05:25 PM - 02/07/22 »
just finally got this badboy and can wait ti start using it, but every time I try to set up my warzone config after some time it keeps going to the page where it says pres minus and plus to connect, and it doesn't work?

General Discussion / skypad 2.0 xl
« on: 03:51 PM - 09/28/20 »
so on the lookout for the next best mouse pad, what do you guys think about this pad?

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] keyboard cuts out randomly?
« on: 07:14 AM - 03/31/20 »
ive noticed for a while that sometimes when i strafe my character doesnt move or it is heavily delayed. upon having a look ive noticed that my keyboard seems to be a little loose when connected to the hub. would i need to replace the hub, or are there other alternatives? if a new hub is required, can i get this hub separately?

thanks for any help

General Discussion / Gigabyte AMP500 mousepad
« on: 05:48 AM - 09/02/19 »
just looking through new mouse pads that im considering to buy and i came up with this mouse pad. supposedly its similar to the shidenkai (which i own and like) and is cheaper.

has anyone tried this pad and what would they say its like (if possible to the shidenkai)?

Game Support / The Division 2 - Controller is better?
« on: 05:31 AM - 03/24/19 »
hey guys i know that this post may be irrelevant on here, but as someone who plays all shooters with a xim, am i the only one who is considering its just better to play with a controller on the The Division 2?

as much as i like the ST that come out, i still feel like i cant get the right settings especially as im always hitting the turn cap.  i came home from long day at work last night i just brought out my old trusty fps freak, stuck it on the r3 button and just sat back and chilled. my aim was terrible, but it just felt easier and "more reponsive" to navigate through the menu as well. it may also work out well so i dont mess up with muscle memory for apex legends.

anyone else that feels maybe its just better to stick with controller on this one?

i was talking to a friend earlier who plays on PC and swears by the Artisan Hayate mouse pad and says i should try it with the xim. i currently use the logitech g440 pad (hard pad) and im wondering is it worth the change. also i was wondering which model should i go for that would have the closest feel to the g440. 

so i purchased the elgato HD60s because i want to start streaming for a few friends who want to see what my gameplay looks like using the XiM. i wouldnt mind a few other viewers to come in and watch my streams, my only issue is that, is there a chance i could get banned by activision if i get reported? its probably the only worry i have with streaming, i just dont want to lose my stats and the ability to play on my main account?

quick little shameless plug, my Twitch is Jasjoe1991, come watch the stream and gimme a follow! :P

Game Support / bo4 curves or no curves?
« on: 10:37 AM - 10/21/18 »
just wondering who uses curves, i just cant find the sweet spot for my accuracy, ive tried RMLs curve, no curve, even tried my own, different sensitivies, ads delays, and when i feel like im at a good point and leave it, the next day feels like bo4 feels different.

struggling to enjoy this game because i feel like my accuracy is crap and Aim assist really throws my aim off

General Discussion / H4ADHUNT3R - Where are you bro?!?!?!?
« on: 02:32 PM - 08/03/18 »
i miss you man, lets play the bo4 beta together???

your pal


Game Support / fortnite shotgun accuracy is horrible
« on: 03:07 PM - 06/26/18 »
does anyone else find that hip fire with shotguns are terrible, especially in the x movement, i dont want to lower my already low sensitivity more

General Discussion / One thing i miss about XIM4
« on: 04:01 AM - 06/22/18 »
its unique design. Dont get me wrong i love the apex, but looks so basic. Everytime i had a friend, or family come around they would always ask what my xim 4 was just because of its aesthetics.

i know this post is a bit of a random one lol. wonder if anyone else feels the same?

just rang up to a helpful guy from ADZ just asking if i could upgrade my delivery from standard to next day, and he actually told me that the xim apexs are actually due to come in monday and they will be sending out as many as they can on the same day. he said that the first early orders are most likely to be shipped first, and confirmed me as one of the early orders. he did also say that they announced on the site that they are due to be shipped on the 7th because he didnt want to delay any orders with recent weather problems and making sure they had the stock. also just in case for those wondering, i ordered mine at 8 am this morning. some of us uk ximmers might be getting the apex on tuesday!!

what player at what game?  in my opinion h4adhunt3r is imo hands down, the best cod and destiny player i have seen and played with :D

doesnt have to be anyone popular in the community, can be anyone.

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