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XIM 4 Discussions / Destiny Sprint and Reload issue
« on: 02:07 PM - 10/08/15 »
Trying to reload the weapons while sprinting immediately stops my character. I need to then re-initiate sprint. This is extremely annoying in playing crucible. Anyone else having the same issue?


Game Support / Logitech G13 profile for Destiny
« on: 07:14 PM - 08/27/15 »
Hi All,

Has anyone created a profile for Destiny on the Logitech G13? If so can you please share.



Technical Support / [Q/A] Configuring Logitech G602
« on: 04:58 PM - 08/20/15 »
Hi All,

I am making to move from PC gaming because of my son. Tried the console and I suck at it and have become a standing joke at home. I just got my XIM4 and was looking to configure my Logitech G602. I went through the boards and read that the G602 needs to be configured via LSG and set the button mappings to keys on the keyboard.

I am hoping the XIM4 with mouse and KB is the answer, but first I need help to set things up. I went through the tutorial section and looks like I can only get the basic setup going and will not be able to get all the keys mapped. Looking for a step by step guide if possible.



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