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I want to see how you built your settings with the nades wheel and consume wheel. As I don't get any nice easy to use feeling for those bindings at all. :(

If you use a mouse with 5 buttons like g403 and a keyboard, then its a big plus. but I ofc take what I get and take it from there..

XIM 4 Discussions / DPI calculator
« on: 10:02 AM - 06/19/16 »
I have used this link many times. http://www.users.on.net/~frankros/DPI-calc.php but now its seems no more. Do we have a new copy of it? Pls say so!

Ok, so the mighty RML just went out and said he was surprised that his destiny settings still was used. And that sure would be better ones now. So ppl, its time to share your settings.

"I watch DrLupo a lot, and he still use a old firmware 4.00.20141114. I want a solid profile like his one. But should I really downgrade xim? Normally firmware should be better not the other way right? If I can believe ppl on this forum he also use a dpi at 3600. And the ppl behind xim always say you should aim for hight possible dpi on your mouse. (here is his settings, http://imgur.com/a/90cnX that he shared.) Pls help if you have the knowledge with this settings and xim firmware."

Edit: Just talked with DrLupo and he said, he switch to the latest firmware and used a modified rml´s build with a mouse dpi set at 3500. Have to see if I can get my hands on it tho.. :)

Since the update I feel that aim isn't what it was before. Today Im at rml´s profile. But I guess its time to look for a new one with some active player behind it.

As the topic says. I have both. What is best and fastest of those two for like say, destiny and other fps games? Or is it just personal feeling to take in to decide?

Game Support / Is there a proper gta online setup?
« on: 03:07 PM - 12/17/15 »
I only find old ones on the forum. Things has happens since those was written. Anyone have any to share? I perfer 3rd person but read 1st is bettet? Pls give me some hints where to start. Thx!

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