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been happening awhile now just played carefully with it but when it happens in game it gets annoying and I havent' been using it for the past few months due to that

would like to know what is going on with it

error code is it flashes yellow if a device is moved slightly when connected to a usb

never mind

trolling about with a silenced executioner this time on carrier... lets just say at the end a random russian dude has some nice things to say about my super hot style


went like -10 first game... hated it

decided to quit the game after an hour... played againt today... lol so much for quitting, game clicked

fun as hell, got my first perfection in halo in years,   not using xim right now tho, don't know good settings just playing 2-3 sensitivity on scuffy the scuf

few games ago ran into obsiv the myth himself, didn't hink he was a real guy more like a bigfoot kinda guy

so i played him like I played bigfoot that one time

first game we were teamed up and dragged down by awful teammates... really the score was like 47-50

2nd game the guy backstabbed me and went against me final results

its not double tap that fast reloads just a single tap

for long reload  you press a bit longer

just figured this out myself (ps4)

General Discussion / so sunset overdrive is just amazing
« on: 04:10 AM - 10/28/14 »
loving it, reminds me of TONY HAWK PRO SKATER WITH SHOOTIN, absolute blast so far with it

demand you play it eventually!

General Discussion / screw windows 9.... HERES WINDOWS 10
« on: 11:55 AM - 09/30/14 »

preview build avaliable tomorrow, will be dual bootin it


hilariously enough an april fools joke was done on this last year lol


been playing old school shooters and that kinda makes people im playing against talk about how old they are.

different for me though... i just got my first console the year that game came out , didn't pc game till 7 years later   :-\

halo 3 was my first online shooter i can think of (had og xbox but no online for the glory of halo 2)

usually feel old as hell though but playin these games compared to cod has been making me feel less old and grumpy

General Discussion / think I found a furry companion...
« on: 11:21 AM - 08/19/14 »
living with pets my whole life and not having one for a few years has made me a bit... sad, so I been looking for one, trying to figure out cat or dog... or rodent... nah no rodents

thinking of a dog lately as I petted my neighbors yesterday and he licked me and I realized how much I missed dogs

think I know which dog I want....


just need a bigger place!.... in my dreams :(

pretty interested myself

both ps4/x1 controllers refuse to turn on when being crossovered to the console, 360 controller works just fine

controllers don't power up is all, tried various micro usb etc

Had an idea that could be beneficial or useless... unsure atm, inspired by a guitar amp I recently used that has user setting sharing via smart device

was thinking XIM manager could use one for experienced members to share their settings so those who are inexperienced or just a lil lazy that day could try them out via cloud sharing

unsure if thats as useful as sharing guitar tones via cloud but meh... just a random thought

Feedback / so far hats off to you OBsIV and the crew
« on: 01:30 PM - 08/05/14 »
was using the xim3 standards for ghosts on ps4 and I got my xim4 today.... just wow this is impressive

only issue im having is I am messing up switching configs with the app manager, have to reset my device each time to switch

other than that loving it, tried ghosts... don't like the game but it felt amazing, booting up bf4 now, then Killzone, and others

its as good as I wanted so far!

woooow they did a lot of work since the few months i played props to them

used kraber and railgun first match and went flawless too

game crashed after that match when i tired to take a screen shot of the score board though i am mad

was like 8 kills a few bots 0 deaths

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