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General Discussion / Merry Christmas everybody!
« on: 11:23 PM - 12/24/21 »
I rarely use my XIMs anymore, as I usually game on PC these days, but I still read the forum daily. Itís a great community, generally positive and frequently amusing in these troubled times. So Iíd like to wish all of you a great Christmas. I hope you all have great holiday and stay safe.

And let's hope it's a better one than 2020!  :)

I've been trying out the new Target Aim Assist Modes today and after two hours of testing, I've concluded that I snipe best with 'Precision', no curves.

The amount of Slow Down AA you get with 'Precision' is crazy. It seems to, at least, halve your sensitivity as you drag-shot over the target, but the AA area is really tight to the character model so you don't get stuck in the Aim Assist "bubble". My curve makes the slow down over exagerated, making it harder to enter the hit box. 'Precision' on its own just makes quickscoping much easier.

'Focusing' feels the same - I can't tell the difference between it and 'Precision'.

'Standard' and 'Legacy' seem to be the normal type of Aim Assist with big AA boxes, and their inherent strengths and weaknesses. And therefore, for those of you that like lots of AA, beware - 'Precision' and 'Focusing' Target Aim Assist have no rotational (strafing) AA.

(Ceebs' Black Ops Cold War Sniper Curve)

Shared Configs / Ceebs' Black Ops Cold War Sniper Curve
« on: 12:57 PM - 12/02/20 »
Another CoD, another Dark Matter Camo grind. And the snipers are just as tough for me as any other Treyarch CoD!
Some of you liked the Ballistics Curve that I made for Black Ops IIII. You may like the one below for the current game, too. I do.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

I was really struggling with micro movements for snipers, both in the Beta and the full game, but this curve (and one other controversial adjustment!) have made ADS fine tuning smooth and easy (on the PS4, at least).

Oh, and the other adjustment?: turn off Aim Assist. Yes, really! It's the key to this curve. If you can aim with a mouse then AA just gets in the way in this iteration of Call of Duty. The curve (much more exaggerated than the one I made for BO4) takes care of any slow-down you may need when making small adjustments.

And my settings (beware, youíre not me so they may not suit you Ė feel free to tweak) are:

[email protected] (with PMW3360 sensor)@1000Hz

BO CW [email protected]

Sensitivity: 60
Sync: Common
Smoothing: 3
Y/X: 1.00
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0

Activation Delay: 0
Sensitivity: 25
Sync: Common
Smoothing: 3
Y/X: 1.0
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0

In-game settings
Horizontal and vertical stick sensitivities: 14
ADS stick sensitivities: 1.0
Field of View: 90
Motion Blur: Disabled
Aim Down Sight Aim Assist: Disabled
Slowdown and Strafing Aim Assist: Disabled
Aim Response Curve Type: Standard (I know itís adding a curve to a curve, but it just works. OK?)

All other in-game settings as preferred
And, of course, although the curve works fine with all other weapons, feel free to create an aux sniper config if you prefer.  :)

General Discussion / Black Ops Cold War Alpha config
« on: 01:16 PM - 09/18/20 »
My BO 4 ST works perfectly. Havenít even needed to change any settings.  8)

Link here. $95.

They've reduced the Deep Click buttons from 5 to 2, removed the tactile feedback when you activate them and stripped out the gyroscope and LED screen. Bizarrely, it still weighs 117g - the same as the Z!? Strange.  :o

(Still no love for lefties, antithesis. Sorry.)

This Gaming Keypad Is Just Crazy!

Very balanced review.

Dmitry explains, far better than I could, why itís most suited to those used to a controller, whilst old school keyboarders may struggle with it.

Eve Spectrum
  • 4K
  • IPS
  • 144 Hz
  • DisplayHDR600 (650-750cd/m≤)
  • 100% sRGB
  • USB Type C for power and data
  • Vesa mount
  • Pre-order for €589 +shipping

Hmm, tempting...

General Discussion / Swiftpoint Z on offer
« on: 01:13 PM - 11/29/19 »
Swiftpoint Z down to £104 today.

Thank me later.

General Discussion / Razer analogue keypad
« on: 07:49 AM - 10/29/19 »
Hi all,

Razer have just released a new analogue keypad, the Tartarus Pro.

As a fan of the potential of analogue movement, but with limited experience of it, I am interested in buying one. However, feedback regarding Razer products by XIM users, has been mixed to say the least (power draw, onboard memory, price, etc).

Can anybody that has used the Razer Tartarus share their experience to help me to make a decision, please?

Many thanks,

Bit-tech link. For some bizarre reason they're not yet selling the XIM Apex! Į\_(ツ)_/Į

I was hating on this beta yesterday. I was really struggling to get on target and stay there. Iím enjoying the game soooooo much more now that Iíve got my settings dialled in. And although I really donít like the lack of a default minimap, I now get enough kills to usually have either a Personal Radar or a UAV up, most of the time.

Iím no CoD god (my KD in previous games is between 1.5 and 2.0, but I am in my 50ís 8)) but these settings mean that at least my aim is good.
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Modern Warfare beta] START COPY >>>
Iím using the Modern Warfare Remastered ST, Common Sync (feels snappiest to me), 1.25 Y,X, NO BALLISTIC CURVES! (absolutely does not need them) but Aim Response Curve Type is set to Dynamic and Aim Assist is Standard, no Smoothing or Boost, 1000Hz on both mouse and Manager, 1800 DPI.

Movement  is smooth, AA is unnoticeable (in a good way), tracking moving enemies is sharp, staying on target is simple. Enjoy. 😊

...for a short time.

The keypad that I've used for several years is back in stock on Amazon UK. It's rarely available as Allreli stopped selling it over a year ago. The seller only has 10 of them though. Although it's not named in the item description, the underside image clearly shows that it's made by the Delux Technolgy Company Ltd, in China, for Allreli. It's £22 more expensive than it was when I bought it, but I guess the price reflects its rarity.

The reasons that I love this keypad so much are many:

  • Like all one-handed keypads, it takes up only a fraction of the space of my full-sized Steelseries Apex m800 keyboard, so I never hit the edge of the KB with my mouse
  • It uses Kailh Blue mechanical keys - clicky and responsive
  • It has on-board memory so my customised lighting works when connected to my console via the XIM
  • It has per-key lighting so that I can assign the correct colours to the keys that I use for Triangle, Circle, Square and X
  • The thumb key sits perfectly under my thumb without me having to reach for it
  • The palm rest is the right size for my hand, needing no adjustment. Not only is it the same shape as my palm, I don't have to twist my hand in the slightest for it to fit. I game on it for hours without any discomfort
  • It's light enough that I can adjust its position on my cloth pad effortlessly, but heavy enough that it doesn't move at all when my movements get a bit frantic
  • All the keys are programmable, even with macros. I don't use them, but it's nice to have the option
  • The keycaps are compatible with Cherry's. I have swapped out the WASD keys for yellow, rubber, textured replacements

The only downsides are that the thumb button is not mechanical, so feels softer than the other keys and that the software is in very small font and is not easy to see. But these are both minor issues.

Unless you are a controller player, or more specifically, want to move using an analogue thumbstick (in which case get a Sony Nav or an Azeron) buy one (and get a BT KB for typing on your console and leave your full-sized keyboard tucked out of the way whilst connected to your PC). You won't regret it.

Any questions, just ask.

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