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Support / [ACTIVE] Odd problem with the Apex.
« on: 10:55 AM - 09/03/18 »
Over the last few weeks my Apex has developed an odd quirk. When I boot up my PS4, all the Apex's lights react as normal, as does the loading RGB config for my Allreli T9+. However, the Apex sees the keypad as a mouse. I then swap the keypad and mouse USB connectors over and both work perfectly. The next time I boot up my console, I get the problem again, which I once more solve by swapping the connectors over. It doesn't matter whether the keypad started off in Port 1 or Port 2, swapping them over causes the Apex to recognise what type of device is plugged in.

On Sunday, for the first time, this problem asserted itself in-game: my character started to spin uncontrollably. Hard booting my Apex didn't solve it, but swapping over the connectors again, did.

Any chance you can shed a light on this glitch, please, Mist?

Iíve been using an extended cloth mouse mat with my Z, as Iím an arm swiper who prefers control over speed.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Fntic Gear Boost Speed Pro Gaming Hard Mouse Pad for £7 as itís wider than any other hard mouse pad than I have been able to find.

Iíve found that it accommodateís my swipes perfectly (I very rarely swipe the mouse off the edge in CQC: a problem that Iíve always had with smaller hard pads) and itís noticeably faster than my cloth pad.

I had problems with jitter at 1000 Hz on the cloth pads so Iíd changed polling rate to 500 Hz in Apex manager (although the mouse reporting rate is fixed at 1k and actually reported at ~980 on cloth) and set my DPI to 3200.
Surprisingly, I found that with the Fnatic pad I was able to set Apex polling to 1000 with no jitter, so Iíve changed the Zís DPI to 1200, divided my sensitivity by 4 and added a little boost in Ballistic Curves.

The mouse is even more responsive than it was before: not the slightest hint of jitter and I can now 180 even faster and snap onto targets more quickly in the BO4 beta.

Hope this is of use to anyone who has, or is thinking of getting, a Swiftpoint Z.

Bottom line: I like it.

The new healing system works really well. It's more strategic. You heal more quickly than in previous games, and it became second nature within a few minutes. If you start to reload, then press heal before youíve finished reloading, you continue your reload automatically as soon as the heal animation has finished. This is really useful whilst you are reprogramming your muscle memory.

Time to kill is not much slower than other CoDs, in my experience, and my muscle memory got used to it very quickly. It does negatively impact your ability to get doubles and triples though as the second and third enemies have a little more time to turn and kill you before you can kill the second opponent.

Lots of players were complaining about body armour on Reddit. I never found it a significant problem as I've trained myself to aim for the upper chest over the years. So with the reduced flinch and predictable recoil, I didnít find headshots (which negate the protection of the armour) too difficult.

Scorestreaks, on paper, look great, but their AI and targeting need some serious work. And the RC-XD can't seem to navigate any object bigger than a matchbox! The Hellstorm is the only one that's really satisfying right now.

Maps are OK, but Iíve seen nothing as good as BO3ís beta maps: Combine, Stronghold and Fringe were great maps, IMO, and I havenít played any as good as those in the BO4 beta yet. They are clearly designed for 5v5 and work well in Control (which is great fun with a party, sucks with randoms) but become a bit too frantic in Chaos TDM (6v6). Not a fan of the reduced coverage with the Fog of War minimap either and I absolutely hate that enemies see you appear on it once youíre a couple of metres behind them (unless youíre running Ghost).

Spawns need work, especially in Dom, where if you push just a couple of metres past the B Flag, your opponents often spawn behind you with you in their LoS!

Iíve never been a fan of Specialists although some of them are, admittedly, good fun. I just hate the fact that they give lower-skilled players free kills.
Reconís wallhack Vision Pulse is very powerful (OP) and so is Crashís healing buff (the two Specialists that I used the most). Some Specialists (like Firebreak - kills closely-packed enemies through walls, Torque Ė huge shield with a built in microwave turret and Seraph Ė tac insert) are very strong in Objective modes.

I love how configurable the weapons are. Level 2 attachments and Operator Mods add more powerful weapon perks at the expense of flexibility and some attachments are only available for certain weapons, making choices more important. And you can put attachments on launchers now, making them super useful, but at the expense of upgrading small arms.
(PsstÖthe GKS is the new UMP/MacTav. Donít tell anyone.)

Quickscoping is definitely still in the game with the Koshka actually adding a couple of attachment options to improve its QSing ability. I got 180 Quickscoped in one game! I hate it. QSers will love it.

Dropshotting is pretty clumsy in the beta. You drop more slowly, hip firing inaccurately as you do so. Iíll have to rethink my tactics if it isnít adjusted for the final build.

I'm impressed with the response of the devs to criticisms from the community: the overpowered MX9 and the dog were nerfed pretty quickly. They made a lot of balancing adjustments during Weekend 1 and have a lot more coming for Weekend 2. Iím looking forward to the improvements as well as the final release. If, like me, you like the faster-paced CoDs, I think you will like BO4.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my beta experiences so far.

General Discussion / Warframe
« on: 10:58 AM - 07/12/18 »
Thinking of downloading it.

Does anyone recommend it? If so, what do I need to know?

  • Fallout 76
  • Starfield
  • Elder Scrolls VI
  • Doom Eternal
  • Wolfenstein Youngblood

But the one that's got me wishing it was Spring 2019 already... Rage 2!
The original was woefully underated: I loved the game, but like others, I felt it was too short. Hopefully the sequel is longer, but the gameplay looks frenetic and with awesome graphics, like BO3 on steroids!

General Discussion / Black Ops 4 reveal
« on: 01:55 PM - 05/17/18 »
No campaign.
BR mode.
MP looks like BO3 sans jetpacks. Iím in!

Game Support / God of War Smart Translator (U)
« on: 04:17 AM - 05/08/18 »
Thanks for doing this mist. I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating STs.

I bought GoW on PS4 when I saw that you were going to train an ST for it, but I'm not enjoying the game due to it's unpredictable look and aim mechanics. Movement speed when turning is inconsistent and I'm not able to accurately snap on to targets.

Can you share more as to how the "unpredictable or incomplete aiming-behavior" works in this game so that I've got a starting point to try and create BCs for Hip and ADS, please?

Spot the XIM4!

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM Apex Manager on PC
« on: 03:26 AM - 04/12/18 »
XIM4 supports bluetooth classic and LE, APEX supports bluetooth LE only. Windows has unreliable bluetooth LE support so wireless config on PC is not supported by APEX.

I really miss using Manager on my tablet whilst gaming. My phone's screen is a bit too small to see button binds, and too fiddly, to change settings on the fly.
Whilst XIM Manager runs fine on a smartphone, in practice, I prefer to use it on PC.

Two weeks after I got my Apex from XIM Technologies, I received an invoice from Fedex for £26.37. I sent them an email using the Contact Us form on their website:

I have received an invoice from Fedex which includes £14.37 VAT and £12 ĎAdvancement Feeí.
The invoice number is 38XXXXX68.
Iím happy to pay the VAT as, clearly, Fedex has paid it on my behalf, but I have not agreed to pay any advancement fees.
Can you explain why Fedex has decided to charge me this arbitrary fee, please?
Kind regards,

They replied two days later with the following response:
"Dear Customer,

Thank you for your query regarding invoice 38XXXXX68 / AWB# 7898XXXXX778

Having reviewed the above mentioned AWB, we can now confirm that a credit of 12.00 GBP has been raised, leaving an amount still due on the invoice of 14.37 GBP.

FedEx will not issue a revised invoice and therefore we look forward to receiving payment for the remaining balance on this invoice.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on.

Yours Faithfully,

Feel free to use my email as a template if you also dispute the Advancement Fee.

General Discussion / Looking for a new chair for gaming
« on: 05:27 AM - 03/23/18 »
I currently have a GT OMega Racing chair, and I'm pretty happy with it, but I'm looking for something with more configurable armrests. They only raise to 39 cm, which is about 3 cm too low for me. I've jerry-rigged a block of foam and some gaffer tape to the right rest in order that my hand is slightly above my mouse so that I can claw grip without my arm aching, but I'd prefer an armrest that just goes up a little higher.
If it could tilt forward as well, that would be a bonus.

Can anyone help?

Took me just three minutes from starting (I made an account this morning) to getting my confirmation email. (I used PayPal.)

XIM APEX Discussions / XIM APEX cost in UK (NOT OFFICIAL!)
« on: 05:01 AM - 02/09/18 »
I did some research via https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty and http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ in order to work out roughly how much the Apex should cost in the UK, via the official XIM store.

Apex price (converted)              £71
Customs Duty                        £0 (value of item is less than £135)
Shipping: standard or overnight    ~£7 or ~£22
VAT                                ~£16 or ~£19

Total (inc. standard shipping)     ~£94
Total (inc. overnight shipping)    ~£111

Following the steps above it is pretty straightforward to find the approximate price youíll have to pay for the Apex in your own country.

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