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General Discussion / Azeron Keypad
« on: 10:06 PM - 08/20/19 »
Anyone been using this for a good while now, worth getting to use over a keyboard? Also for PC use is it possible to do a combo press like Shift + 1 as an example on keyboard or it doesn't support key combinations like that and i'd be limited to the 24 buttons the compact comes with?

I see they really increased the price a lot on the next batch of orders so i may hold off until it comes down as $240+ is way too much for a controller.

Shared Configs / Overwatch my opinion on the best settings
« on: 01:36 AM - 04/01/19 »
So the last time i put in some time on console OW was with the Xim 4 using linear ramp and it felt really good and for the longest time i felt like i couldn't really replicate that experience on Apex.

I've found for me personally what seems to work best now is
default sync
3200 dpi
EDIT: I use 18 sens for anyone that wants the exact sens i use too, for ana/widow and ashe i multiplied that with 0.452 and 0.614 and made 2 extra profiles with 100 zoom sens on all 3 of them. 18 might feel too slow for some at 3200 dpi, but its the closest i can get to 34.636cm for a full 360 which is what 800 dpi 5 sens on PC is like.

legacy mode ON
expo ramp.

I've tried using the aim assist ease in and it just could never be consistent, the aim assist always felt variable based on how well you were tracking a target and i prefer to just have a strong bubble i can break in and out of.

Using default sync and 1000hz lets me break in and out of the bubble easier compared to common sync + 500hz and i feel like i can more easily snap to peoples heads with that setup. I was able to perform pretty similarly to how i play on PC as a GM player so to me the settings check out.

That said the input lag is too much to deal with for me personally after putting 1000 hours into the PC version lol. It feels like im constantly dragging my crosshair/screen through mud when looking around. I compared it to modern warfare remastered and that game feels significantly better probably because it has half as much input lag as OW and is pretty much the pinnacle of FPS performance on consoles. Ignorance is bliss when you can pick up a controller and instantly have the game feel great to play because analog sticks are such imprecise instruments vs the mouse.

XIM 4 Discussions / Latest Firmware + PS4 USB Input Lag
« on: 02:05 AM - 11/26/17 »
Last i used the XIm was in July on the official firmware before the one released in september. Seems the new firmware says you need to set the controller connection method to USB on the pro and slim. As many know the second genartion ps4 controllers have much higher input lag in usb mode compared to bluetooth. Is it actually required to set it to USB to use the Xim now with newest firmware or does it work with bluetooth still?

General Discussion / Question on Input Delay
« on: 12:29 PM - 07/07/17 »
So from what i gather the XIM just facilitates the ability to allow yourself to use a M/KB on a console be it Xone or PS4, and the console is still seeing itself receive input commands from the actual controller. Now i'm not sure about the Xone but i know on the PS4 that running your controller wired using usb adds a significant level of delay as much as 50ms vs using wireless bluetooth.

I'm pretty sure you can have the controller connected with the wire for it to charge but still use bluetooth effectively bypassing that delay. So my question is with the XIM being thrown into the mix and it being connected directly to the console via USB with the controller connected to the XIM, aren't you forced to use the a USB connection instead of bluetooth? Or is the PS4 controller still ultimately communicating the inputs through bluetooth? If anyone could shed some light on this i'd appreciate it.

XIM 4 Discussions / XIM 4 + KVM Switch or Xim Commander?
« on: 09:58 PM - 07/09/15 »
I'm currently interested in getting a Xim 4 to use with the ps4, and have been looking around to see what the best way of going about using the device and my mouse/kb without having to unplug the peripherals all the time when i switch from the PC to PS4 and vice versa. Xim Commander seems to be a great way to cut down on cables, but from other posters it appears that it's not very reliable and currently is on the backburner as far as development goes.

Should i just go the KVM Switch route? How bad is the input lag? And what would be a good one to buy? Thanks for any and all feedback.  :)

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