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Hey fellow Nav users, some may have heard of the Hex Evo previously, looks like development is starting to move along.
Curious to hear isf OBs has heard from the developer about compatibility as they have mentioned they do want to make it compatible with the XIM.
Also have a discord channel with development updates, they also welcome suggestions for any improvements https://discord.gg/HaRk4EeE
If you're a Nav user, well worth checking out.

Xbox / Destiny 2 Comp grind (LFG)
« on: 05:18 PM - 11/11/18 »
Hey fellow Ximmers,
Aussie here; have been attempting to grind Comp (mostly solo) to get the 2100 glory points for the Luna quest, currently sitting on ~1800 (was as high as 1950) but constantly coming up against sweats and matched with spuds and it's getting rather frustrating. I play with a few mates when I can, but unfortunately they're usually jumping on when I'm getting off, so I generally only get a few matches in with them over the weekend. Most of my clan are sub-par at PvP, or avoid it altogether (good group of people though).
So if anyone is on around between 730-9pm AEDT, would love a hand to hit the required glory rank.

Hey all, have had my Xim4 for a while now and decided to give the PS Move Nav a go, only, it doesn't pair with the Xim4, and when it is wired, the only button that registers is the PS button; shows as J11.

I followed the instructions in the manual to pair the Move Nav, to the letter, numerous times;
I have the latest firmware (not the RC);
Bluetooth works fine on the Xim4, I use my phone for on-the-fly changes;
the Move Nav controller works as it should (wirelessly) with the PS3, and it's fully charged;
I've tried factory resetting the Xim, resetting the Move controller, changing wires and I still get the same result...

Any suggestions?

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