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XIM Link / Feature Idea
« on: 02:18 PM - 12/18/18 »
Don't know if this will be possible with Xim Link going through the apex.

Would it be possible to press a designated key while using xim link to make the keyboard function as a actual keyboard for typing messages? then press the key again to go back to controller function?

Don't know if this supposed to be this way or an issue. I have 3 different game st's that i use regularly. I have them set to switch with f2 for cod f3 for bf1 and f4 for destiny 2. But it only switches the profile if i have the manager up on my phone. Which makes it a little annoying when my phone is having issues connecting sometimes.

Is it supposed to be like that? Have to have the phone manager open on my phone to use that function? Even though the game st and settings are on the apex itself?

XIM Link / Xim Link for Linux?
« on: 01:25 PM - 09/09/18 »
Will it ever be possible to make it work on linux or will it only be a Windows thing?

General Discussion / Cramp and pain when using new mouse.
« on: 02:55 PM - 09/03/18 »
Used the g303 mouse for 3 years and wanted to try something new. Bought the g305 for wireless but pinky finger is cramping up. Should I keep trying to use the mouse and get used to it or go back to the g303?

XIM Link / So I'm having a weird freeze up or issue.
« on: 07:10 AM - 06/15/18 »
Been using xim Link for a while but have had a issue that has only happened 3 times. 1 time 2 weeks ago and 2 times last night. It's usually when I'm in a firefight and doing a lot of crouching and strafing but the ximlink freezes up and stops with the last input I sent until I reset.

Have to unplug the ximapex from ps4 and re-insert, unplug controller and restart ximlink before the game will recognize my commands. Don't know if this is a special case with my computer setup or what but just bringing it up.

Windows 10 with ryzen 1600x build. Ps4 pro also. If that even matters.

XIM Link / Question. Enable key.
« on: 05:17 PM - 05/21/18 »
When will we be able to switch the activation key?

XIM Link / Xim Link on PS4 Pro. video record with elgato
« on: 01:26 PM - 05/17/18 »
looked through the forums and couldn't find how i would setup to record with the elgato hd60s. either i cant talk or here and it records audio or i can hear and talk but recording has no audio. any help?

Psn is :BookuVapes

I'm east coast btw.

Reason i ask this is we xim4 users have issues when there are frame drops in game while aiming. The stutters make our aim jump. With the PS4 Pro having better hardware and going to be only playing at 1080p, will it make a difference? 

I have found using 5600dpi with a poll rate of 1000 has given me the best result with my Logitech g303 for all games. i use no ballistic curves for my games except for destiny hip. I have tried high dpi at 12000 and went as low as  3600 dpi with poll rates at 125, 500 and 1000. but 5600dpi with 1000poll rate is my bread and butter.

Was wanting to see what others find as their preferred setting for all games?

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4 and streaming help.
« on: 09:15 PM - 05/05/16 »
Ok so i have been using the xim for a couple months now and i just purchased a capture card and i need some help. i currently play on the ps4 and was wondering how other xim4 users setup their audio and chat for streaming. currently with my setup everything works but i cant talk to people in game and i dont think i can hear party chat.

i have a usb mic and a 3.5mm mic but i cant get both of them to work and get all the audio working. any ideas?

XIM 4 Discussions / Different DPI for different games?
« on: 11:41 AM - 12/27/15 »
Been wondering if people change their dpi for each game like 4000 for Bo3 and 7000 for destiny and such. 

Also with a high dpi do you you a cloth or plastic mouse pad?

XIM 4 Discussions / Xbox one stereo headset adapter?
« on: 11:54 AM - 06/21/15 »
With the xim4 I am wanting to use my hyperx cloud headset that I have for my PC. If I get the controller adapter  will it function with game and voice? Don't want to get the adapter if it won't function.

Thx in advance.

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